Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Much Delayed part 2

This update starts rolling at the end of August.

An early morning road trip with Esther the Car brought us into the heart of Kyushu,
.....to see the sun rise near Mt Kuju....

....and the Sea of Clouds in the Mt Aso valley.

Later in the day it was time for a short hike around Mt Kuju,
while Marijke let her camera do overtime at Chojabaru.
Always Happy to be there.

Mean while, Nori and Wakame kept a Sleeping Eye on the new sewing machine...
challenging who/what could purr the best.

One day, Fu Kyo was booked to go Sunset Sailing.
Too bad it was raining +++buckets all afternoon, resulting the customers cancelling the trip at 1730.
Can you believe it?
 5 minutes later the rain stopped and we had 
a Gorgeous Sunset, as seen from Meinohama Fishing Port.

Then there was this Fun Yacht Race in Fukuoka:
 The Tamori Cup..with over 80 boats signing up for.
That day it was too windy for the sails, but the Parade was a Go Ahead...but must have involved some nervous moments for the captains.

On an other day, it was just perfect sailing weather on board of Fu Kyo.
This time our friend Miyoko, daughter Misao and grand kids enjoyed a cruise on the bay.

Yes it's by times tuff staying in a fishing harbor:
 Fresh Shrimps for dinner!

Sunset and "Our Church",
what isn't a church at all, but a fancy wedding hall....

In September Fu Kyo found herself High and Dry on her trailer for a new coat of bottom paint.
Oops, it's quickly said, but it took 5 days to do so.
Okay, some rain spoiled a speedy job...

Looking blue-ish licked, neh.

Of course, the end of summer brought some serious Thunder Talk...
Bingo with this lucky shot!

And with the heavy rains,
came the junk down the river,
that ended on the beach in Hakata Bay...sadly.

But the Sunset Sailing Show goes on...


After the sun dips the horizon, the return trip back to Meinohama Port offers an other great light show.

Then one day, I got a call from Ayaka.
She used to join my Seiha classes when she was an elementary school student.
NOW, she's going for her final exams at 
Japan's TOP Law University.
Hmm, makes me feel a tiny proud too....

This shot was taken at Odo Park.
(around the corner from us)
To the left you can see the masts in the marina.

Food pictures: (That's a Facebook thing, I believe).
While staying in Okinawa last year, this became one of my favorite cooking:
Goya (bitter melon), tofu, egg, tomato. 

An other Facebook Side-line:
via Fukuoka Sunset Sailing @ FB, I got in contact with 
Chu Ho Ming, from Hong Kong.
She was in Fukuoka for a few days on a business trip...
and was looking for Things to Do in the city.
Well, to go sailing was a bit difficult so we decided 
to Go Up Mt Raizan in Itoshima!

At the top of Mt Raizan, far away from busy HK...
Nice to have met you Kim san!

Cosmos flowers...seeing them they tell us summer is (almost) over...

And the parties on board of Fu Kyo keep on going.
Happy Birthday!

Marinoa Ferris Wheel showing it's Pink Support.

Just one more late summer sail with friends.

Princess Wakame.
Miauw, it's getting cooler these days...



  1. Lovely update again. Time flies when you are having fun!

    1. Thanx Sjaak & Hessel,
      All and all it was a fun summer indeed.
      Esp. your visit to Fukuoka was Toppie. Pictures tell the story.