Thursday, May 27, 2021

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 3

 Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story.

Yeahhh, when exploring by camper, there is no need for
" boondocking " like it is in the rest of the world.
Moondocking in Nippon: legal, free and safe,
 all over the place.

An amazing fun hike with friends.
This time we hiked Mt Waita in Oita..
It was crisp to say the least and the hot-spring afterwards was awesome.

Nope, we're not lost.
Just enjoying this amazing scenery.
Kuju & Aso National Park, in the heart of Kyushu.

We joined a tour around this very ancient village in Kumamoto Ken.
Of course a visit to the local shrine was top of the list.

For a JOB, we stayed 2 nights in a ryokan in Kumamoto.
 We had to evaluate the rooms, staff, food and bath.
All passed with flying colors.
Yes and wow, we did enjoy our stay....

( By the way, Billie Bee Bus was parked next to the ryokan. 
Nori had the castle all for himself).

We joined an e-bike cycling tour to the top of Mt Aso.
Going up was easy with these bicycles. 
Going down.... oops, take care with that speed.

Equipment and tour-guides were ace.
And look at the weather!

At the crater of Mt Aso.
Hmm, not much to see today.

Billie Bee seen here at the Spring Kurume Camping Car Show.
Like other years, my job was 2 nights playing for guardsman.
He-he, fun to do.

Billie Bee Bus is slightly long for ordinary car parking.
But there is always a slot to be found that accommodates us.
Could have backed-up a bit more, but I didn't want to disturb the young tree branches.
This is at one of Mt Hiko hiking parking areas

Mt Hiko forest is spectacular.

It was a snowy hike @ Mt Hiko san.

Bus stop at Akizuki, Fukuoka prefecture.

Plum blossom in the snow! 

Last snowy hike at 
Kanondake hiking trail in Imajuku.
At least once a week my stomping grounds. 

And yes, we are well looked after by our neighbors.
Guess who is most happy....

Gate at Sakurai Jinja in Itoshima.

Temple cat at work at Raizan Sennyoji Temple in Itoshima.
A visit to this place always brings zennnnn. 

In case your fancy some Japanese food....

Itadaki masu.....

Shopping for country style goods.

Buying from the rural honesty shop.
Best price and top quality.

Our life is being lived on Keel and Wheels.

Michi-no-eki Mt Aso Train Station.
One of the better of all the good ones.

Of course...
The end of the day is best celebrated in a steaming hot bath.