Saturday, August 29, 2009


We uploaded The Mount Alishan Song at our sy

Just click HERE.

At the bottom of the page you'll find the start button.


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sky Watch

From the airplane: Down there are "our" twittering HHH hiking grounds!
The green hill is Lambir National Park, that brown spot a new palm oil plantation.
As you can see, the (due to the bush fires) haze has gone. Pritty clouds 360 around.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Caved Out

Wonder where we've been?
Well, we've done The Caves.
If you ever want to spend Quality Time in caves...for sure go to Mulu National Park.
But there is more to do @ this Rainforest : Good hikes and a super canopy walk .

Too bad we did not see much wild life, but we saw some interesting insects. And of course mosquitos;-)).
But heyhey, no sand flies like the ones here in the marina.

In the next few days a few boat projects are on the list, an other HHH crazy run, some more twittering and some socializing. All that done, weather permitting we hope to sail to Brunei.....a whooping 30 mile trip.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miri HHH

There are indeed a few things you should try once in your life.
For us , yesterday was The Day to join the Famous Miri Hash House Harriers for their weekly Run.
JUNGLE RUN i should say.
Okayokay, we know what it takes to do a (half) marathon, but this.....
Up and down steep!! jungle hills, crossing muddy streams, fighting nasty under growth.
Temperature and humidity sky high.
Luckily (guess why) we were not in the lead, so it was not too much trouble finding the trail.
Did we see any of the scenery? Don't think so!
After more than an hour we got out of the jungle, veryvery tired, dirty, scratched and bruised.
Thanks Wim for taking us along!

Fun it was indeed, so it looks like we'll take part a few more times while we are here.
Hmm, but next time we'll wear our old running gear.


Nori vd H

The other day, Nori took a dive here in Miri Marina. Not only did he proof he STILL is a good swimmer but he also is a good climber as he got out of the drink all by himself.
Hmm, Wakame thinks he is a silly boy.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Miri marina

Miri Marina... Google Earth shot taken before pontoons etc were in place.

Moored at Miri Marina

2 days ago, the Rajang River Gang of sy Alk, sy Silent Wish and sy Alishan took up a marina box at Miri marina.
Wow, now Beatrix would be proud: There are at present 5 Red White and Blue flags flying in this "Shell Town" marina.

Hmm, the pontoons are okay, but too bad that they haven't installed any showers or toilets.
Hey boss, aren't we somehow paying for that?
Miri town is a 20 minute walk/1 RM bus ride away. So far we've been there once, just to do and get some basics!

Before Miri, we spent 1 night at Bintullu Port...for sure a place you can give a miss! No more said.
These days the people of Borneo are busy burning the bush, (guess why), so if the wind doesn't blow from the South China Sea,......... You can imagine how "hazy" it here is.
It's hard work going for a run, even at 6 am. But by afternoon the sea breeze is pumping a good 15~20 knots, haze is getting less AND it becomes a bit cooler...CAn you believe that?
We think we will stay here for a few weeks: enough boat projects to be done ( the anchor chain is already at the galvanizing shop) and we also would like to fly somewhere Into The Heart Of Borneo. (BTW that's a great book!).
AND.... Nori and Wakame are happy to do some "boat shopping".