Friday, June 18, 2021

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 4

The journey continues.

Indeed, exploring the islands is awesome.
But to rent a boat, one needs a special Japanese license. Almost undoable.
But hey, see that bridge !! 
Many and more islands are plain accessible with your camper rental.
By bridge or..... by ferry.
Way to go.
(picture take during a delivery of this motorboat).

Get off the beaten track and discover places and scenery like this.
Traveling by campervan allows you to do so.
Way to Go.

Drying squid in Yobuko.
Once cured it makes a tasty and healthier snack.
Get out of the big cities and discover more.

Throwback memories: Hotspring beside the river.
From last year's camper-trip to Kurokawa Onsen.
Ha, it's springtime now, but those autumn vibes are real.

It's Flower Power each season here in Kyushu.
If you like going outdoors and checking out the flora, then visit Kuju~Aso National Park. You'll luff it.

While driving Oita's country roads, we spotted one of the Big Five (of Kyushu).
Badger, aka anakuma. Cute neh.
Sitting high in the camper definite was again an advantage.

It's not only the sight, but it's also the pleasant smell that tells us: Good Times are here.
Explore Nippon and it's nature.

The convenience of Convenience Stores in Kyushu.
You'll luff them @ your camper trip.
Here we stopped for a lunch bento and a fresh hot coffee. Oh, and for the washroom of course.
(be polite and ask the staff..)

Feel the freedom.
Breathe the fresh air.
Enjoy the space.

Oh yes, by times it's exciting driving those mountain roads.
But hey, it's so rewarding to visit the Heart of Kyushu.

Basecamp (ohh, where shall we park...?) at Oike Pond, Oita. 
Ace Place for birdwatching, flowers and more.
And of course for climbing Mt Hiji, that peak in the distance. 
We spent 2 awesome days here.

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