Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tuna Time

One of the benefits of staying in a fishing harbor times some fish falls into your cockpit. This time neighbor Tetsu came home with a decent catch of TUNA..and he right away offered me half a fish.

As you can see, Tetsu himself loves some fresh fish as well....
As Marijke was still in Holland and the amount of fish was way too much for Nori, Wakame and me, I went over to Odo Yacht Harbor where Jon and Pam of sy Tweed were able to help me with this mountain of first-class SASHIMI. That was a great meal.
Thanks Tetsu Kun! ( yes,Tweed returned from their trip into the Inland Sea due to all the troubles over at Tohoku).

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Pix

Cherry Blossom is popping, what a nice thing to see in these "grey days".

The problems at Fukushima seem far from over, and although it's a long way from here we are worried of course. How long will this dragggg on?

But for now and here we are getting serious into Spring Mode.

Mind you we still have and use the heather on board.

Alishan in the Yacht Corner.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Today it's day 11 after March 11th. Japan seems to Move On. Pffff. Online we read heaps about what is happening over there in the East regarding the Fukushima Power Plant. Some news is correct, some news is....... Well, no comment. But let's not forget all that misery that is directly hitting the people in NE Honshu. Fingers Xed that the situation for all those house less people will improve soon. Even the weather should do it's best. After all, spring is here, ahum, it still can be nasty cold at night.
Here in Fukuoka? Well, we can't buy any batteries for our camera, mp3player or torch!

All sold out.

That's the worst we feel.

Marijke is flying to Holland tomorrow to do the family-round. Back on board in 11 days

Have fun neh!

Meanwhile, Jaap will be looked after by Nori and Wakame. And keep himself busy with small jobs and boat projects.

Oh yes and do some prep work for next month Half Marathon and Japanese boat license.


Monday, March 14, 2011


Talking to Marijke, what a great thing SKYPE is, I am happy to report that for ALISHAN and friends in Fukuoka things are okay.
Sadly it's not the case for manymany people in the east of JAPAN. Those problems now with the nuclear power stations are scary....  Don't know what to say....
Jaap is still in Holland, but due to fly back to Fukuoka Thursday night (16/3). Hopefully the flight will not be cancelled. (A'dam, Seoul, Fukuoka).
Again, thank you all for your concerns. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

All OK @ Alishan

All is OK with Alishan and crew. Pfffff.

The Big Tsunami was on the NE side of Honshu.
Distance wise not too far, but we are at the West side of Kyushu. The safe side!

Marijke just emailed: All is OK . (jaap is still in Holland looking after Mum).