Friday, February 12, 2021

Exploring Kyushu: A never ending story, part one.

Yeahhh, we had the shortest daylight-day & the vaccine is on its way... 
Are we now heading to a brighter 202?
Meanwhile & especially during this pandemic
the better way to explore Japan is by camper. 
And that's what we have been doing.

Haha, so you think we did something illegally ??
This guy has been standing with this rock over his head already for zillion of years  :-)

In November we were ready to show-off our cowboy tricks....

Maybe we are good at it after 40 years as a team.

Good morning Kyushu.

Of course Nori is enjoying his bed-and-view-on-wheels as well.

View from the cockpit.

There is something called: Being-templed-out.
What means: Having seen & visited too many temples.
Nope, not for us.
We always find our zen-and-more, 
especially @ those temples that are off the beaten (tourist) track.

An other breakfast panorama from Billie

This and that pictures from a hike in our backyard here in Fukuoka.

Hopefully you will be able to travel to Japan again in 2021.
Meanwhile we keep on explore the sights for you.

Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki.. 

Make sure this location is on your camper trip list.
Ask me for details if you are thinking about such a trip.