Friday, October 23, 2009

The Day After

Exhausted and Excited.
Yes after all those years of dreaming about climbing Mt Kinabalu, i made it to the top.
Okay, now the legs are a chippy sore with muscle ache, but i'd like to do it again.
Anybody out there?
Marijke has been busy with the new Q update, take a look as already some is uploaded.
Mind you it is still under construction. ( Q3 report 2009 etc)


Toppie Mt Kinabalu

That's the goal.
Next morning, 6 am!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


No indeed this doesn't look like Borneo at all.
But it is Maassluis the Homeport of Alishan, at least on paper.
Jaap flew back to holland to visit Mom and the Gang, all went well.
Loaded with chesse and "WITLOF" he returned and is now getting over jetlag.
Marijke in meantime did heaps of socializing, yes SHM is good for that.
Tomorrow ( monday oct 19) we are booked for Mount Kinabalu Park.
Birds and hiking trails are gonna be explored.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

SHM by Google Earth

Google Earth shot from our present location. Great place for boat, crew and cats.
See the swimming pool?
So nice to go for a splash after an early morning jog.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sutera Harbour Marina

The trip from Labuan to the next port was a fast motor sail. The bigg swell from the last days was mostly gone.
4 am was the kick off time and by 1500 we were in KK waters. ~ 65 miles. Not bad.

Alishan picked a parking box at Sutera Harbour Marina.
Alishan will get a good cleaning and a wash and then a rest.
Nori and Wakame will be busy checking out the other few boats here.
But of course most of the hours in their day will be spend sleeping.
And we?
We will be flat out. Of course because of that washing and cleaning.
Then there is a super swimming pool, a perfect gym, and in the far distant we can see
Mount Kinabalu.
Hmm, Alishan asked me to check out her Big Brother, especially the top.
Keep you updated.