Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spring is in the Air.

What a relief after a cold, windy and snowy week:
The weather looked promising for the day.
So we loaded our backpacks and jumped on board the 7 AM
Itoshima Express, heading for Fukuyoshi station.
From there to follow the trail Up and Down 4 Peaks.

Blue blue sky and Plum Blossom.

Peak # 2.

All smiles at the Sunny Side of the Hill.
(yep, we did see the odd snow pocket in shady corners)

It's not only Climb and Run.
Somehow this small lunch popped out of our backpacks.
...of course there were complains about the forgotten bottle of wine.

On Top of the World at the last peak of the day.

Itoshima down there.

  8 hours later we were back at sea-level.
Yeap, these are edible.
 A very popular veggie, of course one reason is:
Spring is Here!

Right now we see dolls like these All over Town.
Soon it's Hina Matsuri, aka Girls Festival.
(3 March).

For sure that calendar day starts Spring.


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Making YouTubies @ wintery days.

With so many cold days around what 
else to do than doing some video editing?
See here a slide-tuby starring SHOGUN.

And an other one, 
about the Val Maremola Trail 2016
run with Hashimoto san in February.

That's it for now,
have to refill the heather...

Ciao for Now.