Monday, October 17, 2016

A sunny birding visit to "De Weerribben", 2016

As part of (re)discovering our old stomping grounds,
we made a trip to De Weerribben.
Marijke was told it was a good spot 
to do some bird-watching.
It's located to the NW of Staphorst, 
so it was an easy drive when we were staying there.

I came along to enjoy the scenery and 
to take pictures of the picture-taker :-)
To see the birds that were spotted, 
you'll have to zooeff to 


A traditional local float.
Zeilpunter KP 22
So happy to see AND smell again.

   Pure Flower Power.

For more about De Weerribben,


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lisbon and some more @ sunny summer 2016

After happy moments  with friends and family in Holland,
it was time to Make a Move to Shogun in Lisbon.

Super: First Marleen & Loek and later Marijke would  join me.

Of course there were the Touristic Things To Do and To See,
like visiting the Tower at Belem... 




a fun-tour aboard one of  Lisbon's "traditional" Tricycles that took us around town to places we hadn't seen yet.

Next was: 

getting dressed-up for a dinner-show at one of the many Fado restaurants.

...where part of the happening happens on the cosy street as it was warm-warm inside.

Back on board:
We continued enjoying these sunrises, as seen from the pilot house of SHOGUN

She also got loaded-up with parcels full of boat items and spare parts.

But there was more to see than Lisbon only.

A rent-a-car saw us zooming across the bridge
for a trip down south...

Dry-dry & hot country side

Mertola is a pleasant town to visit. 
We spent the night in one of the local inns.

The river is almost the border with Spain.
Ocean going shallow draft vessels can navigate all the way up to this town.

Traditional narrow roads, but piece of cake for Kiwi Drivers.

Back in Lisbon.
The area near the marina is famous for modern architecture.
This is the local bus/sub-way station.

 Lisbon also has nearby an magnificent bird-watching area.

Helder, a local bird-watching tour guide took us for the day.
Came with knowledge and wheels.

These snails are a delicacy here in Lisbon.
Not only for birds.

Look over-there...aren't those...?


Our stay in Lisbon was coming to an end, but we still had energy to do some more sight-seeing downtown.

 Yep it was a Licking Good Lisboa Stay.