Sunday, December 25, 2016

Saga International Balloon Festival 2016

Awesome Autumn weather.
Time for some Hot Air-ballooning.
Saga of course, just across the hills from Fukuoka.

For a home-cooking Youtuby:

click HERE.

Esther the Car made a 3 AM start
 to zoeff us comfy over the still sleepy roads.
Somehow we found a nice & empty parking spot not to far from "Cape Canaveral".
Where at first day light it was All Action!!

These picture and the following ones
 tell you the happy mood this event creates.

At one stage there were over 100 balloons in the air!!

There was even some Kissing in the Air....

Once more, for the Youtube
click HERE.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

October in Maassluis, part 2

And the story goes on
with more places and faces.

One day we hopped in the car for a 
(or as The Hague and surroundings is know to our family).

At Kijkduin
we made a stop at
Holland's Hot Spot for Pokemon Hunters.
For some unexplained reasons there are zillion monsters and hence also hunters, gathering here. 
Now all peacefully at rest staring at their Smarto.
But they might suddenly wake up and start running around.
Knocking you over.
Knock Knock.

The 2 Pokemons i scored that day: Richard and Hessel.

That Pokemon Do made us hungry so it was time for
With an extra portion of Poffertjes.
Now THAT is Memory Lane food.

Ha, our local Fukuoka Salvatore has a cousin here .....

Next was 

...visiting Aunty Ditje (my father's youngest sister).
Going strong at 90+
And yes, we both like to be in blue.

Of course a tour also had to be made to Rotterdam.
Eating haring at Schmidt Zeevis,
a stroll in-and-around the Market Hall,
and an ABNAMRO sponsored lunch 
at nephew Tom's work-place.

Thanx Guides!!

One day a Bicycle Ride down Memory Lane 
was to my old sweetheart village
Den Brielle.

Where Oh-oh-oh, Mr Klomp is moving house.

And fun-fact was: meeting-up with Liesbeth and Leo.
Old cruising friends from way back Phuket and Langkawi (2008)

But some more Maassluis.
Right there on the other shore.
 De Waterweg has a never ending fleet of floats passing-by.
And awesome floats at rest in port:

And as mentioned before: 
Maassluis is the Homeport for our ALISHAN.
The text above; Where ever the boat will bring you.
Hmm, yes......we have visited some places.



Wednesday, December 7, 2016

October in Maassluis, part 1

After Shogun got loaded onto that cargo vessel
 (finally done after a 2 weeks delay!!),
it was a quick-go-go-go-quick go to Holland.
At Amsterdam Airport, Hessel was waiting for me 
and soon, once Little Sis had relocated her car in that huge parking lot (inside joke here)...
 we zoeffed almost traffic jam-free to Maassluis.

Indeed enjoying those Dutch skies.

This posting, and the next one, is mostly about me visiting some memory-lane spots.
And family and friends, of course.

Home sweet home for Leo and Jakob.

De Heeren.

And DO they luff old stuff....

Smile, you're on camera...

Maassluis is know as The first town at De Waterweg
 (that stretch of water leading to the old port of Rotterdam).

picture title....Steaming River??
An awesome early morning 
with season's first morning frost.

And yes, autumn has started.
Magic running!!

Hi Pa & Ma.
Just here to tell you all is well with your kids.

  Port of Maassluis.

Nice cycling, walking, running track all along De Waterweg.
Perfect weather.

With Bro Sjaak and Sis Sjak, 
gone for a pleasant 2 hour walk.

This is "Hoek van Holland".
First Port at De Waterweg.

From here, we started our journey with JAN HARING,
June 1984.

That's memory lane, isn't it?