Friday, November 21, 2008

Waiting for Visa

Alishan and crew are still enjoying Penang!
A few days we did this together with Marleen and Nettie.
Wow, did we have a good time with our Jan Haring Crew! Saw and Ate a lot of course ( too much??). 2 things Penang is famous for.
Hopefully the India Visa will be in our passports on Monday 24th and then weather permitting Alishan will set sail (or start the engine) for Langkawi. Meanwhile we are stocking up on cat food etc;-)), items we don't expect to find in the islands of Thailand and Andaman.

Friday, November 7, 2008

In Penang Again

2 days ago, Alishan made an overnight trip( ~ 70 miles) from Langkawi to Penang.
It was a trip with little wind, so most of the miles were done thanks to Diesel Yanmar.
Here in the marina we met up with German sy Lasse with Ben, Carol and kids on board. In 2003 when we were trying to sell Jan Haring, our previous boat, they were very interested. But the distance (Germany~Japan) was of course a problem. So they bought sy Lasse instead and left Germany in 2005. Great to share our stories now!
An other reason we are here is the applications for a Thai and an India visa. Within 24 hours all that paperwork was done, the ringits paid and now it's waiting for the return of our passports .
And next week we get visitors. Old Jan Haring Salts: Marleen and Nettie, the crew we had on board when we did the Auckland~Fukuoka Yachtrace in 1989.
So as you can read, all the exciting is happening here in Penang.
Salute for now.