Friday, September 11, 2020

Moments of Summer 2020.

Summer of 2020 moments.

Despite Covid spoiling the normal freedom-of-movement 
we were still able to undertake exploring trips with Billie Bee Bus.

Here follows a random order of pictures.

Oops ......
But overall, the hiking trails in Kyushu are awesome.
Even in the rainy season.
Want to go?

From Fysio to Fishio.
And luffing it.
What career change have you made in your lifetime?

Hiking in Japan.
So many trails, so few people.
Even all by yourself: " You Never Walk Alone ".
Yappari Kyushu.

One Sunday we took Billie Bee for a spin in our backyard.
Recharged all our batteries.

... this time from Yamaguchi.
Spent a comfortable night at this michi no eki @ Kitaurakaido. Super clean place !

This was our camp for the night at Hiraodai, Kitakyushu. 
Only had to share it with a zillion stars.
Not bad at all :-)
Next day, up and early and ready for a hike.

Our michi-no-eki camp for the night at Tsuwano, Shimane
Next to a super nice hot spring.
 Good for clean and sweet dreams

Yappari Kyushu
..... in Tsuwano.
Where we found a Heart.
Can you see it too?
Explore Japan by camper, stay and way to go.

Village Welcome Committee.
These fish-dragons are roof decorations. You can imagine their duty.

Yappari Kyushu
... in Hiroshima.
On a very hot day we found this cool spot for the night. 
Nori the Cat was even tempted to go for river dip.

Your friendly neighborhood police station, aka Koban.
Guess why we like it here.
You would too.

Yappari Kyushu
... in Shimane..
Parked for the night between a superb hot spring and a cool mountain river in Mito.
After a long soak, in the onsen, and an "on board " spaghetti meal... we slept like roses.

Neat and orderly.
Zen vibes abundant.
That's why we like it here.
Bet, you do too.

Yappari Kyushu
.... greetings from Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Up and about early. Best moment of the day.
Take care, it looks like it's gonna be another >> 33C one.

Yappari Kyushu
... in Kitakyushu.
Again an early morning moment. It's nice here at Hiraodai.
So happy to be able to go & stay with our camper Billie Bee Bus where the hiking is good.

Because of the Covid slowdown, yours is 2~3/week deckhand onboard a japanese commercial fishing boat.
Meet Rinzo san, my 81!! year old co-worker.
This is Rinzo Power

Some of our catch.
Ooop, unfortunately not that tuna.
That came from Tsushima Island.
Do you like sushi?

Another Escape The City Heat Let's Go to Kuju 
camper-hike-birdwatching trip.

Hiking together at Mt Kuju...

During the last heavy rains, this area saw many landslides.
That was the only surviving cabin.

Feet having a well earned rest and view after a stiff uphill hike.

Mt Aso and fellow Neko Dake as seen from Mt Kuju area.

Yappari Kyushu
...oh yes August can be hot. Here it shows 37C !!
Too hot to do any outdoor unless it's up mountain high 
or down by the river or sea.
So if neither, best to go for a drive with the aircon on duty.
Drive safely.

Yappari Kyushu.
Akatombo. Lets go and find it.
And muse about our childhood.

And of course i have to mention the 3Seven stand 
at the Kumamoto Camping-car Show.
3 days of rewarding but hard work to promote:
Camper life, Way to Go.