Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red October

The trip to the US of PAE has delayed this posting.
Anyway, here it is.

As in so many places around the world, 
Autumn in Nippon is superb for Colors.

Of course you should see  
  Wings 'n Things.
where Marijke's pixs are showing her D90 Red.

But my small Coolpix scored some red as well.
One Sunday a Run was on the menu & the Trail would lead us 
into the Heart of Mt Kuju Land.
And yes, Noriko was dressed up in the appropriate color.
BTW...way down below in this picture you can see Mt Kuju's campsite, the only way to get there is to cross either mountain range, on foot!

And this is the Jewel of Kuju Land in Autumn.
Awesome neh.

As planned we met up with buddy runners at the top.
Great to share lunch, a yepper-the-yep,

....and a hug....

Then a few days later, with Marijke, we climbed the area near the Makoto Pass, also in Kuju Land.

The Lady with the Nikon in action.
It was a super day, for sure as it was the first time in many months that Marijke was able to do some hiking as her knees are getting better. what's red.....?

This beauty stands near Mt Raizan, just around the corner from Alishan. 

  .....And today......
It's late November.
Red aint no more.

That day we had a great Outdoor: Marijke chasing birds with her Nikon and the runners going around Mt Shooji. we went to a hot-spring for a good soak
and then for closing an other perfect day: 
A picnic a-la Nabe Style on TOP of Mt Ino.
Surprisingly it wasn't cold, as there was zero wind. 
 Together with the nice (warm) food and 
happy moments (sakeh flowed) we enjoyed
a great night-view over Fukuoka City.


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