Sunday, May 31, 2009

We are waiting, we are waiting......

The LCD parts for the Furuno(t-so-good) should be on their way to Singapore by now.
Nothing else (?) for us to do than waiting.
Than again, it is not a bad place to do so.
Yesterday we made an other trip into S Town and met up with Heyko and Rose (sy Bavaria, now semi locals) and they took us to Pepper Crab Heaven.
The return trip to JB was a new record. Downtown S --> back on board Alishan in 1 hour and 15 minutes!
In total the return fee for the both of us is about 5 Euro, so that can't stop us to go again ;-))
Zoo, Sentosa, museums, more shopping.....


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just Play, No Pay at Danga Bay

Alishan took up a slip at Danga Bay Marina, Johor Baru.
1 degree 28.4N
103 degree 43.3E

It's a brand new place and to promote the marina, us yachties can use a slip for free for the time being.
Unbelievable, also the water and power we use is for free.
And even the odd visit by one of the local shore rats is free of charge!
Our neighbors already plucked a couple of those nasty creatures from the cabin floor ( once the fellow got stuck to the rat-trap-glue). Brrrr.
Anyway we feel on the safe side with Nori and Wakame on standby ;-))

Yesterday we took the bus into Singapore, so easy to do from here. From the boat to downtown S took less than 1and a half hour. The radar got dropped off at the service shop place as again it is Furonot-so-good. Sim Lim Tower and Sim Lim Square were visited for odd bits and pieces on our shopping list.

Probably Alishan will be here for a week or so. Hope to make a few more fun trips into Slingapore.

Salute for now.

Monday, May 18, 2009

By road to Melakka

Of course we had to go and see Melakka Town. So we rented a car and drove the 80 Km from Port Dickson to Melakka. Nice little town with Portuguese and Dutch history, hence the old European feeling.
The weather was perfect, light overcast, by times a small drizzle rain so wandering down the alleys was a pleasure. BUT having seen Penang...Melakka just looked a bit too much like a dolls house. More on that later at our Update of course.

Today Alishan will move further south and head for Johor Baru, area/town just north of Singapore. The weather forecast tells us: Zill to very little wind. Just keep the fingers crossed we won't get hit by thunderstorms.

Tell you later,

Monday, May 11, 2009

P-p-p-p-p-port Dickson

Yes Alishan is in Admiral Marina near the town of Port Dickson. The trip went well, even some breeze to fill the sails!
02 degree 28.5N
101 degree 50.7E
Probably just for a week.
Marijke is emptying the camera memory cards and filling up her backpack ...Fraser Hill here she comes. (mountain near KL, famous for birding).
So what shall jaap do? Well the list is simple:
Get fuel, clean Alishan inside and out, clean the propeller and yes more cleaning: the engine room.
So no time for him to hang around the swimming pool.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Port Klang

For a moment we thought all jobs were done!
The toilet pump played up. Grgrgrgr.
Oops, jaap had to go over the side in that horrible Penang Marina Water...
And no, the water-intake was clear. And yes, the impeller of the pump did have a bit of junk in it.
About the size of a peanut, but it took me the whole day to take the pump apart and assemble it again. Who says cruising is fun!

Marijke didn't feel too well that day, so she benefited from a lazy recovery day.

The trip from Penang to Klang went well. Even had a few hours of good wind so we could sail. No rain or thunder, only blue skies and full moons.

Now at anchor at: 03 degree 01.33 N
101 degree 20.31 E

Soon heading for Port Dickson.


Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost done in Penang

Almost all the jobs here in Penang are done.
Dentist, cat food, cat toilet stuff, new DVD player, on board Internet connection , new glasses, new galley carpet, DVDs burned, generator cooling problem solved, leaking windows fixed and plenty get-together's with cruising friends. Pff, who says we have nothing to do!
Oh yes and of course many GFM: Good Food Meals. Penang has them all.

And NOW the weather is playing up a bit, but as soon as this little black cloud moves off the chart Alishan will sail further south.
Boy-oh-boy have we had heavy thunder and rain the last couple of days. But al least it is "coolish" ;-))