Monday, July 19, 2021

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 5

Flash back to our life in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
This picture was taken sometime in 1983/84.
Our Jan Haring, not visible as we had taken the mast down, 
 was moored between these barges.

Things you see when you explore rural Kyushu.
We had to stop...and take this picture.
An amazing wisteria garden-wall, don't you think so?

After a enjoyable hike, a moment of reflection here at this mountain shrine.
Of course a " How are You? " 
to Ah & Un : the guardians lions, also known as komainu.

Sometimes the going is slow because of all the things you'll be discovering.
Ain't that nice...?
And by times so, so .... funny.
Explore by camper, way to go.

Oh yes, in this wisteria, aka mountain fuji, you should stick your nose.
The pleasant fragrant will surprise you.
Go outdoors.

Your camper trip isn't complete without taking a ferry ride.
 A very popular one is Shimabara~Kumamoto.
Here we travel from Oita to Shikoku.

Does this need any additional comment?

Welcome to the Land of Sushi, Geishas, Hot-springs and Temples.
And spectacular early morning nature scenery....

This time of the year is such a happy time.
Nice temperatures, all-over-the-place flowers & fresh green and of course:
 Rice Planting.

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