Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Snow and Hikes

This winter was a White Winter.
Very little snow fell on the deck of Alishan, 
but plenty of it ended up on our Trail and Hike routes.

A wonderful December day, and our luck was: 
To be the first ones to the top of Mt Raizan.

This snow lot lasted only for 1 week.
I think that's just perfect.

A lot of hiking cq trail running was done as prep for 
Lantau 50 Trail Run (see later report).
Of course the fun is doing it together with friends...
and taking a rest-stop at the peak.

A Bird Watching hike with Marijke at Aburayama just to the  south of our city .
This too is winter in Fukuoka.... 
the picture was taken on January 2.

....and 2 weeks later,....the waterfall got frozen solid...

Rush hour @ taking groups pictures in front of the Frozen Waterfall.
The next group can come forward but has to duck!! 

And an other perfect hike with Drew,
the Man from Oz, where snowy hills are far and few.

It was indeed walking around in a Magic World.

It doesn't stop: A week later, a long trail run, starting more or less at sea level, where No White is found..

.....just Climb some Stairs...

....And Run theTrail...
Not showing: It was Cold!

....but Pretty neh...

That day, the air was clean and clear.


Monday, March 3, 2014

Wintery Things

This winter slipped into our system like it happened other years:
Autumn is The Best Season of the Year, great weather and 
all sorts of out-door things are possible until and past Xmas.
And then suddenly IT is here!

One of the signs Year End and Winter are coming is the 
Yearly Rice Beating.
For that event I went back to my old job: 
 the Daycare for the Elderly 
at Kakoh Hospital in Daizafu.
The location now is in a new building,  it's HUGE and 
known as LaLaLa.

It is warm and wonderful to meet up with my old grannies...
 All going strong in their mid 90s!!

Yes, Year End drops grey and more grey days on top of us.
Fu Kyo is loosing out on the daily Sunset Sailing Trips...

....and Princess Wakame..
is always looking for warmer spots.

 Then late December,  an other Yearly Tradition..
...Marina Animal Hospital's Kakki (oyster) Run.
First we chew away 30K of tar-seal with a great mobile AID station following us,
(food, hot tea & coffee and booze!)
...after that, a soak in the Hot-spring of Mamushi 
AND then a feed-up at one of the Oyster tents in Fukuyoshi.
Yes Winter will come soon! morning we wake up and have 
the first Icing on the Deck.... prep ourselves against the coming cold, we eat well:
Natto spaghetti and buri sashimi
 (it's tough to have neighbors that keep on supplying us with freshly caught tuna).

And then it's New Years Day 2014.
Inside Alishan it's cozy and warm...
...esp with Mr Nori on your lap.
Hey Marijke..."No need to dress up for the Day?" the fishermen dress up their boats...?

....Oops almost forgot an other yearly early winter event..
.....Ibusuki Marathon...
This was my 4th entry and by now my legs know the course...AND the stops for the never ending and great food and drink stations.
Run you again Next Year!

 A good laugh at the start...

...and still smiling going over the finish line, 
4 hours and 40 minutes later.

The day after the marathon we drove to Mt Kirishima, as it was host to a very special visitor..
...see Marijke's blog HERE.

Also early January we drove down to Kurume to watch the local Fire Festival.
Nope, not fireworks but serious works-on-fire!

 A pleasant day at Izuhara for some more BW.

And Tsuru watching at Izumi (Kagoshima).
Of course for more detailed crane bird pictures...zoeff to Marijke's blog.
 or go: 

 For Marijke's birthday we stayed the weekend in a small ryokan in Takaonomachi @ Izumi.
 See here a typical country-style meal.
Wow we aren't used to such amounts anymore.
But it was joyful eating and yummy indeed.

The next day it was Marijke's Birthday and so the inside of Esther had to be flowered.
(hihi, while i was the DD, Marijke had to pick her own flowers at a pit-stop along a country road.....)

And so, to all good and bad comes an end...

Spring is Here!