Friday, August 23, 2013

What's Up this Summer

Well for sure the temperatures!!
 Fukuoka hit a new record: 37.4C.

It has been a bit Low on Postings here at 
Alishan on the Move.
One of the might guess, is Facebook.
Since this Spring, a Lot of "adventures" have taken place on board of
Fu Kyo the Catamaran that is now going strong as
 Fukuoka Sunset Sailing.
For business reasons, the use of that SN is a "must".

Please check it out at: Fukuoka Sunset Sailing

Some pix:

What else is happening regarding the crew of Alishan?

Nori and Wakame are happy
...esp now it is cooling down a bit after this 
Extreme Hot Summer.
And they are proud to score so many hits 
with their Blog Posting:

Marijke is recording more and more great pictures, see: Wings and Things

Trips to the mountains and running are not taking place as often as we would like to,
but autumn is around the corner:
The Time of the year for Outdoor.

For now: Salute.