Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fukuoka Sunset is.......SAILING

These days 
Fu Kyo is making waves 
on Hakata Bay.

Of course you can follow us at:

Not much text this time,
pictures tell the story.

Hope to welcome you on board one day.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Saga ken's Famous Sunset

 So many Nikons and Canons....
What is happening here?
Marijke is the Lady in Green.

This is one of the world's Photo Hot Spots.
In early spring, when the rice paddies are flooded with water, just before the planting of the new crop....
 it's awesome to see the Sun Sinking in the Sea.
Now we have to wait...Every body has come at least 3 hours in advance to claim the best spots.
Those power cables? Hmmm, some photo-shopping will do. 
Or wait, the sun will sink enough...
(btw, the electricity comes from N Kyushu's own nuclear power you know...)

What to say...??

Too bad some clouds had been hiding on the horizon....

Almost Down and Done.  

And on return home, we find Fu Kyo (and Alishan of course)
 "baking" in the Full Moon Shine.