Saturday, May 28, 2011

Typhoon Songda Gone

And that was Songda.

Here in Fukuoka we had about 20~30 knots of wind and 24 hours rain. No problems at all for Alishan and crew...just a lot of wet clothing hanging around in the cockpit;-)

The Sunday fish market was of course wet and surprise, surprise there were enough customers to buy "our" fish.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Typhoon Songda on her way North

See her belly-button?

With Esther on the Move (??)

Yep, Esther.

She is our new on-shore crew member, seats 7 two-leggers and sleeps 2 comfy .

We took her on our crew-list just last week, so it was time to take her for a spin.

An Overnighter in fact (Oops, are Nori and Wakame happy about this?).

The first area to cruise roads and hills was around Furuyo in Saga. Just over the mountain range south of us. This picture was taken at 5:30 AM, morning mist all over the place.

And yes, we had a good night sleep. Here we are parked at the back side of a local temple, good place indeed.

Going for a walk up and up and up....

Even with those always and everywhere power lines it is pretty

Morning mist is burning of.

Freshly planted rice fields.

Somewhere along the road we found this TORRI, the entrance mark to a temple.

On the way, that is something, neh.

And Esther is patiently waiting, safe and well looked after by the temple spirits.

More road miles to follow!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

150 Years BD Party

Taking a picture of.....

The wine bottle seems to be 50 years old, too!
Good reason for a sashimi party, with the main of ANAGO= eel

( oh yes, a first for us, even after all those years).

150 years old , together!

From right to left the 3 BD runners: Noriko, Sayuri and Shinkai san.

Happy Birth Day!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Update at

Well, it took some time and a few bad words due to site-troubles,

but there is a new report at see

Q1 report 2011 at the menu bar (on the top of the page).

Plenty of pix....



Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mountain High

Today's Goal.

Mount Watai in central Kyushu.
Marijke is not part of the hike as sadly she suffers from knee problems but luckily the Birds are calling her... so she stays down at mountain bottom level.

The month May is one of the best in Kyushu to go Mountain Up.
Marathon friends Ohara and Noriko are ready for the top... after all it's already 2 weeks since they did an 85 K ultra marathon in Yamaguchi.

Taking a picture of.....


Our lunch stop at the top: 1499m above sea level.

Those white spots down below and in the distance is Steaming Earth. At one location it even is to make electricity, but for us it is used for warming up a Good Soak at an Onsen (hot spring).

Of course once we made our way down hill first.

Hi Noriko, wave to the camera....It's a beautiful day neh...

Hmmm, what's the pass word this time???


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

On the J.O.B.

Fu Kyo

And this is her 3?

Yep, she is a Lagoon 421,
brand new out of the box.

Here we are heading into the sunset, little wind so the 2x 70HP push her along.

Owner Mr Mitsuda (with sunglasses), and Meinohama neighbor/crew mate Kiyama.
It's lunch time!!

Luckily it's not always cup-noodles. Here a pix of yummy squid sashimi.

Entering Arakawa Port in Fukue Island. (Goto Retto)

Alishan was here 5 years ago and of course I remembered the nice hot spring, right in front where we parked the boat. So that's where we are heading for..

Fu Kyo's stern.

Everything is so much different than Alishan.

Some are good, some i have my doubts about. But hey, it's a fun job indeed.

Still many things have to be set up properly.

But at least we can get the PC charged at..


the toilet..

Ask me how;-)

After 1 week "On the Job" , coming home was good.

Nori and Wakame were welcoming me....

Or are they?