Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 8

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 8

True is true (1) : Camper road trip is not always rural and nature.
The odd big city deserves a visit.
In case you worry: Expressways are a pleasure to drive.
True is true (2) : Camper rental, way to go.

Not a road trip.
But a boat delivery trip.
Spectacular Naruto Whirlpools.

A trick we use often: Use the #Expressway for a long stretch and plan that with an overnight stay at one of the amazing rest areas.
* The expressway fee is discounted !!
* Traffic is far and few.
* The early hours sceneries.

A camper road trip in Kyushu it The way to Go as public transport is far and few. 
Plus, a camper allows you to go and stay where- and whenever it pleases you.
Picture location: Mt Aso.

Sunset moment.
Time to reflect on the day.

Yappari Kyushu Colors.
You won't want to miss out.

A must-do is a stop at Iwakuni Bridge.

This scenery picture would make a good one for a jig-saw puzzle, don't you agree?
Camper road trip, way to go.

Camper with a view.
Can you think of a better place?

Kyushu had a very colorful autumn. Yeahhh.
Thinking about a camper road trip next fall?

Flashback to our visit of Mt Daisen, Tottori ken.


Saturday, December 4, 2021

Once Again a spectacular Itoshima Hike

 Did more or less same loop as last weekend.

But 1 big difference: Hardly no more autumn colors.

But thanx to the nice weather, the views from the top were spectacular.

Early in the morning we even could see Tsushima Island.


Monday, November 22, 2021

Last hike with autumn colors.

  Last hike with autumn colors.

In fact, it was my 3rd time this week to hike Mt Raizan !!  

 Interesting to see the colors change.

At the start it was still awesome weather...but slowly-slowly I could truly smell rain was in the air. 

And indeed, the last stretch was done in a drizzle.

Made it for a very dramatic farewell to the autumn.

All wet..... Again, Billie Bee Bus proved valuable...... 

waiting patiently at the Goal with a warm cabin and steaming coffee.


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 7

Flashback to a time before the pandemic.
That day, 4 of our campers were happily awaiting for the arrival of their customers at Fukuoka Airport.
Today, these and newer campers are eager waiting for your patronage.
DM for details and pricing

Summer 2021, one thing is for sure: Kyushu's rice crop is coming along nicely.
Come and see.
Of course, a rental camper is the way to go.

One-way rental could be the solution for your camper-road-trip plan.
See here 2 of our campers, on their way to Tokyo to meet our customers.
Then they will drive them leisurely back to Kyushu.
What a way to go.

Your camper road trip should also take you Shimabara peninsula in Nagasaki Pref.
Enjoy Mt Unzen Park, the scenery, the volcanic activity and of course the hot-springs.

Please meet Amabie as spotted in a park in Oita.
She is doing her best to ward off the coronavirus.
We need her now more than ever with the upcoming Olympics.
Go Amabie, Go for Gold.

These days " hacho tombo ", aka as scarlet dwarf, flies around. It's the smallest dragonfly in Japan, only 17~21 mm big. About the size of a 5 yen coin.
So finding it can be a bit of an effort 😉
Nanayama wetlands in Saga Pref is a good spot.

Good Morning Campers?
Ready for a new day?
What's the plan?
I bet a hot-spring visit will be on the to-do list.
Whatever, Kyushu is awesome.


Friday, October 1, 2021

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 6

 Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 6

Mystic is all over the place.
Discover these spots during camper road trip.
Way to go.

Time for lunch.
Lunchtime meals at local eateries are yummy and good value. 
Like this set was Y850

Land of the Rising Sun and zillion miles of coastline.
Discover inland and coastal scenery.

Enjoying the view during a coffee stop at a deserted car-park. 
Somewhere in Kumamoto.

Are you looking for:
Space? Fresh Air? Hot-springs? Outdoors?
Hiking trails? Nature? Campervan parking?
Kyushu has it all.

Ajisai, aka hydrangeas, come in al sorts of colors and shapes. Our Toyota Coaster luffs to pose with them.
Enjoy this time of the year and go and explore Kyushu with a rental camper from @3seven77

True is true, snail-pace is also a way to explore.
But our vehicles are offering 
more comfort and joy to see All-the-Best-of-Kyushu during your camper trip.

Can't be sunshine and blue skies every day.
On days like this, you'll appreciate the comfort of our campers.

Go and see the places.
Go camper rental.
See here our Toyota Coaster.
With of course Mt. Fuji in the back.

This time of the year: Early mornings are awesome.
Be there, be there by camper.

For a memorable road-trip by rental camper.


Monday, July 19, 2021

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 5

Flash back to our life in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
This picture was taken sometime in 1983/84.
Our Jan Haring, not visible as we had taken the mast down, 
 was moored between these barges.

Things you see when you explore rural Kyushu.
We had to stop...and take this picture.
An amazing wisteria garden-wall, don't you think so?

After a enjoyable hike, a moment of reflection here at this mountain shrine.
Of course a " How are You? " 
to Ah & Un : the guardians lions, also known as komainu.

Sometimes the going is slow because of all the things you'll be discovering.
Ain't that nice...?
And by times so, so .... funny.
Explore by camper, way to go.

Oh yes, in this wisteria, aka mountain fuji, you should stick your nose.
The pleasant fragrant will surprise you.
Go outdoors.

Your camper trip isn't complete without taking a ferry ride.
 A very popular one is Shimabara~Kumamoto.
Here we travel from Oita to Shikoku.

Does this need any additional comment?

Welcome to the Land of Sushi, Geishas, Hot-springs and Temples.
And spectacular early morning nature scenery....

This time of the year is such a happy time.
Nice temperatures, all-over-the-place flowers & fresh green and of course:
 Rice Planting.

 For more and up-to-date pictures: