Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stopped by the power lines

Alishan dropped anchor at
5 degree 30.5N
118 degree 17.3E
We can't go further as there are power lines across the river just too risky low for Alishan's mast.
Maybe we could, but as it is the eve of the rainy season...water levels could rise quiet a bit..and so we could be trapped.
Anyway, from here we gonna do some dinghy trips and/or even hire a local boat to show us around.
The other day we met Ikki Matsuda ( we were able to use our rattling Japanese a bit). He is doing research on the proboscis monkeys. Great to hear all his "inside" info 'bout these amazing animals. Yesterday we were invited to join him on a small field trip: And he knows were to find the proboscis monkeys!
The town, ahum, here is called Sukau. It's booming ever since the government tar-sealed the road to/from Sandakan 2 years ago and so daily loads of fresh tourists come here to see the Kinabatanga River and wildlife. Good and bad of course, but it's work for the locals.

Looks like we will be here for a few days, the Internet is very slow but we'll try to upload some more pictures.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alishan on the River Fly

And you think all we have is Fun?
Come and join us with the 3754 alive and 268 dead flies that hang around (inside and outside) Alishan.
These flies might have to do with the upcoming Rainy Season.
Oh yes already biggg rains way-way inland..that brings huge trees down the river..jamming Alshan's anchor chain...especially at night of course.
And of course here above doesn't rain...Our water tanks are almost empty...But it gives me a chance to varnish the toe rail!
5 degree 33.3N
118 degree 20.1E
At Google Earth you can see a small side river... Lots and lots of wildlife. To mention a few: Pigtail and Probiscus monkeys, Stork billed kingfishers (sooo pretty), Oriental Darters, Monitor lizards....
Poor Nori and Wakame are not having much fun..with all those flies and scary jungle sounds.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Elephant Alert IN the Kinabatanga River

There are many " dangers" when traveling by yacht.
One of them could be: Elephants.
Please mark your chart with our present position:
5 degree 38.5N
118 degree 21.4E
We had dropped the anchor here as we had seen some elephants ashore!
And then, last night at 3 am, a bunch of elephants swam across the river about 50 meters right in front of us.
It was easy for them to get into the water but at the other side the river bank was a bit steep.
More than an hour of struggling, huffing and hooting kept us awake. An awesome experience.
Mind you, we are NOT complaining: That's why we are here.
But, what would be the newspaper headline if we had been hit by one of them?


Friday, November 20, 2009

On the Move at the Kinabatanga River

The other day Alishan made a move. We left Sandakan loaded with food for a few weeks.
Across a lumpy sea, over the bar, onto the Kinabatanga River and into the jungle.
At the moment we are at anchor at
5 degree 41.2N
118 degree 26.0E
We woke up with rain an sunshine, there was a perfect double rainbow right in front of us.
Oh yes, plenty of monkeys (boy can they keep us awake), bearded pigs, wrinkled and rhinoceros hornbills, loads of kingfishers, birds of prey and more to come...
Sometimes a local fishing boat zoeffs by, but that's it.
The river and jungle are ours!


Friday, November 13, 2009

Mountains Everywhere

The flag of Sabah has the contour of Mt Kinabalu in it.
Of course Alishan has Mt Alishan in its mainsail.
And here below you see Mt Kinabalu on a clear morning when we were sailing along the NW coast of Sabah. Beauty neh.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sailing the Sulu Sea

Alishan spent a few days at anchor in Kudat. Did it rain those days! And wow, on top of that, heaps of thunder and lightning. We thought we had left that scary stuff behind us at Singapore.
But in between all those downpours we indeed had some good quality time with Aslaug and Kari of sy Lady Ann. Thanx guys for showing us around town.
Even managed to do some shopping. (fruit, veggies, bread and ....fuel).
Monday morning we woke up with a blue sky, so it was time to move on and....
We had a good trip over the Sulu Sea (3 days). Of course the little wind we had was on the nose, this time it came from SE. Mind you the conditions were good enough to do some varnishing ;-))

Alishan is now at anchor in Sandakan.
5 degree 50.4N
118 degree 07.4E
The town looks good for a few days, we hope to make some short inland trips to some national parks around here, but then ASAP we want to move on to the Kinabatanga River.
Get the camera ready!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

From Kota Kinabalu to Kudat

Yes we did get away from Sutera Harbor Marina.
Not easy at all as it's so nice to be there. Just the whole set-up, the swimming pool, good showers, gym, good marina and very very friendly people all around us. Staff and visitors.
And of course there is the mountain , very special for all the birds and the hiking.
BTW did you enjoy Marijke's latest pictures at our HP?

Anyway, Alishan is now at anchor in front of Kudat Town:
6 degree 52.3N
116 degree 50.6 E
The trip took 3 days, ( we stopped at 2 very nice bays with great views on mount Kinabalu) and it was mostly motor sailing into N-wind ( as in: on the Nose) and boy were we happy to be here. When we rounded the Top of Borneo, only 5 minutes later the sky came down with solid rain and even stronger ENE winds. Zero visibility!
In the next few days we will see what Kudat can offer us.
Oh yes our good friends o/b Lady Ann are here on the hard stand for boat repairs. We gonna have to give them some moral support.
But soon we will be heading further east towards Sandakan.