Wednesday, September 17, 2014

a Picture Posting

These days a lot of my time is spent on board of Fu Kyo.
That's good...but i miss the mountain outings...

See here a couple of pictures taken from the GoPro videos.

An overnight-er at Odo Yacht harbor, being chartered  for the World SNIPE Masters 2014

A trip on board of Fu Kyo is becoming a top-hit for the KLM crew here in Fukuoka.
Well, we too luff it....
as we can talk 80 miles an hour in Dutch of course.

Fu Kyo's customers are enjoying a nice sea breeze, 
comfy sunshine and 
Fukuoka Sky-line. 
Spiced up with some of our Salty Sea Stories.

Yes, we have done it,
at last..
Our Selfie!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Fun

Hmmm, the tittle is August Fun....
Oleh-oleh, did we have many-many rainy days this month!!
This is our 19th summer here in Fukuoka 
and can't remember we have had so much heavenly water.

But..yes, there were a few sunny days and one of them was August 7th.

Fu Kyo was jumping her lines to take us for a spin on 
Hakata Bay and see here the YouTube:

or click HERE 

Bet you like to be on board next year.