Saturday, December 27, 2008

At Nai Harn Bay

Just imagine:A tropical night and us watching an X-Files movie at X-Mas.
And still it is spooky!
BTW, over 80 boats here in the bay, but enough space for all of us to swing around.
The shore is great for walking, running and bird trips.
Oh yes, and of course Thai Food.
The last few days of this year will see us in Patong Bay. They say it is a once-in-a-lifetime-must.
Salute for now.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

sunset shot taken at Ko Phetra


Alishan arrived in Phuket. we checked in with the officials ( it took only 30 minutes) and we are okay till middle February. The Xmas shopping is done and in an hour or so, we'll be heading for Nai Harn Party Beach. The weather is superb, nice breeze, sunny and at night it cools down enough so we sleep under a thin blanket. Just only the cats aren't too happy, but we do try to catch some fish for them.
To all of you: Merry Xmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Today we dropped the hook in front of KO MUK
7 degree 21.4 N
99 degree 17,4 E
And we do have to admit: So far this trip gave us 3 superdooper sailing days!
We left Langkawi at about 10 am and were at Ko Tarutao just after lunch time. As soon as the sun wasn't burning the skin of our bones anymore, we dropped the dinghy over the side to explore the longgggg beach. Nice. But you had to keep on walking due to the sand flies. At night our sleep was roly because of the wind bullets off the mountains.
Next day we sailed with super conditions ( 10-15 knots wind, flat seas,sunny....) to Ko Phetra. Our friends on sailing yacht Ouma showed up as well.
And today...again great saiing till here. The only thing that's missing is a on the line. Well, we'll go ashore for a meal tonite.
Salute for now

Monday, December 15, 2008

Only a few more days in Malaysia

We are in the Telaga anchorage, NW Langkawi.
Alishan is loaded up with fuel, food and fruit!
Yes we are more or less ready for The Great Cruise up North..
Thailand, here we come (again).
The last 2 weeks we filled in with reading a book or 2, going for hikes , taking (bird) pictures , socializing and getting Alishan ready. We even unloaded the "portable" aircon, so that tells you and us that we won't do any marina stuff for a few months! Poor Nori and Wakame had their last tree-climbing session at Rebak Marina only yesterday.
Tomorrow ( Tuesday dec 16) we will check out as the weather for the days after looks good. There even might be some favorable wind for sailng!
The plan so far:
Xmas and New Year in Phuket, end January we get nephew Tom on board for a few weeks and then
late February..Andaman Islands ( belong to India).
Back to Thailand, Malaysia and
middle 2009 sail towards Borneo.
Anyway, we will keep you informed while underway. ( and start working on that Q4 update).

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back in Kuah

All the things we wanted to do in Penang had been done, so it was time to move on again.
The trip towards Langkawi was a nice one, with even some wind good enough for some real sailing.... Mind you the joy lasted only for 1 hour...then the wind shifted further to the NNE..more or less bang on the nose.
Oh well, we did make it to the anchorage before sunset...dropped the hook..and...started to role very uncomfy in the swell... (In Penang's marina it was more or less the same...but there we paid for it!!)
Next day we explored the Fresh Water Lake, read a book and slept.
Definite the NE monsoon is here:Somehow we are "cold", can you believe's only 28 C.
Now Alishan is at anchor at Kuah, the Big Smoke of Langkawi. Here for some supply shopping and meeting up with cruising friends and later in the week off we go to the NW corner of Langkawi.
Hmm, hope we can fiend a spot to drop the anchor...boy are there manyyyy boats this time of the year., ( we talked to some of those boats..they are taking part in a 2-year-around-the-world-trip, so they should move on;-))))
Salute for now.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Waiting for Visa

Alishan and crew are still enjoying Penang!
A few days we did this together with Marleen and Nettie.
Wow, did we have a good time with our Jan Haring Crew! Saw and Ate a lot of course ( too much??). 2 things Penang is famous for.
Hopefully the India Visa will be in our passports on Monday 24th and then weather permitting Alishan will set sail (or start the engine) for Langkawi. Meanwhile we are stocking up on cat food etc;-)), items we don't expect to find in the islands of Thailand and Andaman.

Friday, November 7, 2008

In Penang Again

2 days ago, Alishan made an overnight trip( ~ 70 miles) from Langkawi to Penang.
It was a trip with little wind, so most of the miles were done thanks to Diesel Yanmar.
Here in the marina we met up with German sy Lasse with Ben, Carol and kids on board. In 2003 when we were trying to sell Jan Haring, our previous boat, they were very interested. But the distance (Germany~Japan) was of course a problem. So they bought sy Lasse instead and left Germany in 2005. Great to share our stories now!
An other reason we are here is the applications for a Thai and an India visa. Within 24 hours all that paperwork was done, the ringits paid and now it's waiting for the return of our passports .
And next week we get visitors. Old Jan Haring Salts: Marleen and Nettie, the crew we had on board when we did the Auckland~Fukuoka Yachtrace in 1989.
So as you can read, all the exciting is happening here in Penang.
Salute for now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Radio report Telaga

Ahoy out there,
Alishan did make it all the way ( 5 miles) across from Rebak to Telaga. Our position for google earth is:
LATITUDE: 06-21.74N
LONGITUDE: 099-40.78E
We had a few days of very nasty weather, roly poly here at the anchorage and buckets-and-buckets of rain.
Since yesterday things are clearing and the solar panels are pumping again. What a different world.
The alternator of the generator decided to freeze up..resulting in a smoking V-belt....Blah what a mess. The local china man in the altenator machine shop had the problem fixed in less than 2 hours...and now the thingy sits tight and snug again with a new belt!
No dull moments for us: Last night we went for a night walk and saw a lot of lemurs ( flying monkeys). Marijke is shooting left and right... nice pictures are on the way.
Salute for now, return to

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Radio report from Rebak, Langkawi

October 16th.
The Pit Stop Boat Jobs are done! Okay okay it took at least a week longer than planned...Noel from the marina shop had ordered the wrong bits and pieces...;-(
But we like this place, you don't hear us complaining too loud.
Jaap doing the odd miles on running shoes, Marijke with her camera and both enjoying the morning Pilattes exercise class. Very Social for us cruisers here.
Oh yes, Nori and Wakame of course are having a ball of a time with the monitor lizards and sea otters.
It looks like the NE monsoon is kicking the SW monsoon, the better cruising weather should be here any time now...and so Alishan will go into the cruising mode again. First exploring more Holes and Bays here in/around Langkawi. Then early November : Penang here we come ! as we do get VISITORS!!
Salute for now,
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