Friday, January 27, 2023

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 22

Dressing-up for the occasion.

Smack Downtown Tokyo. Old and New. It's hard to believe, but this is deep inside the city. Our rental-camper AKA is awaiting for her customers. So you see, we do deliver.

Autumn Colors. Looks like the last lot. Still pretty, don't you think so?

Enjoy the drive, the pace and for sure, the scenery.

At any time of the year there is mystic in the air.
Be there to feel it.

Are you planning to take a Kyushu Tour?

At the right place at the right moment. That's one of the Power Points of a Kyushu Camper road trip. Are you ready for ever lasting memories?

Celebrations. There is always something " aahhhh " going on. Here in this remote fishing port all boats are dressed up to celebrate Thanksgiving. Old Japan scenery you won't see in the big cities anymore. Go rural, go camper.


Saturday, January 21, 2023

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 21

Autumn Memories.

A rural roadside shop that has seen better times.
Sights and scenery you'll see when you go off the beaten track.
The bus stop is still on-duty.
Mind you, maybe only a few times a day.

Autumn Colors. Facts Matter: It's the Best Season.

Nagasaki. Make sure it is on your itinerary. Park the camper and explore the city on foot or by it's iconic road train. Exciting City indeed.

The Border is Open. As from 11-10-22, traveling to Japan is like how it used to be.

Yappari Kōyō. Kyushu can show you plenty of autumn colors.

More Autumn Colors. Come and visit Aso-Kuju National Park.

One-Way-Rental. Yes, we do !! Here our Toyota Coaster Auckland is being delivered
by ferry to our customers in Osaka. Then they'll enjoy a relaxing camper road trip and return it in Fukuoka.

Autumn Colors. Be there.

Temple Cat. Enjoying a well earned afternoon snooze. Exploring & napping, way to go.

CREA. Birds of the same make & color flock together. Our rental-camper AKA 3777 got company at the shopping mall's parking lot.


Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 20

Some more 2022 memories.

Aren't we blessed to live in this country, to have good health and 

to have the wheels of Billie Bee Bus.  

Green on Green. Not often, but there times we find a overnight spot Off Road.
This was at the free parking area at Shiramine, Honshu. Starting point for some great hiking.

Hotspring Time! That's one of the beauties of a camper road trip in Japan:
There is always an onsen to be found nearby. Especially in Kyushu. This onsen though is at Shiramine on Honshu.

Starry Night. Not by Vincent v Gogh but by Marijke. Co starring Billie Bee of course.

Rainy. Those days do occur. Just happy to be here at Shirakawago with a camper and enjoy the comfort. Care for an other coffee?

Road Alone. Where is everybody? Scenery when driving around this mountain range. It had been raining pleasantly and once it stopped, spectacular views appeared.

Green. Somewhere in the middle of no-where. Nope, we're not lost and are enjoying the scenery. A rice paddy next to a tea field, pine tree and bamboo farming.
And of course, the ever overgrowing jungle. Green Deal Indeed.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Exploring Kyushu and beyond, a never ending story, part 19

Posting this update got somewhat delayed because of Nori.
RIP boy.

Anyway, see here some memo shots from 
 last summer's Billie Bee Bus trips.

The main trip we took.
2230 happy kilometers.

Well, we didn't drive all that way.
We got helped by the ferry service between Oita and Shikoku.

Naruto Whirlpools at Sunrise. Definite a " must " on your trip-list if you explore Shikoku. This viewpoint also has a very convenient overnight P.

An other perfect stop-over during one of our camper road trips. Going for an early morning stroll to explore the neighborhood is
The Best Moment of the day.

Ehhh, stuck in a Highway Traffic Jam.
First time in a long time.
Covid had some advantage points.
Please note the electric sign: 34 C 
The aircon in Billie works like a charm, built to cool down 20+ passengers.

Cool Morning to You. From a misty mountain location. The Best Place to be to escape the summer heat.

Space and Peace.
Escaping the Heat. 25 C versus 35 C. Happy to have the option to retreat with Billie Bee the Camper

Typical Michinoeki scenery.




 Hakusan playground.

Midway a 12 hour hike at Hakusan.
It was either rain or clouds.
But for sure Magic.


A well known photoshoot location.
Now we have seen it with our own eyes.
And yes, it's worth it.

At Ine Port we were witnessing the local Obon preparations.
15 August.

Ine Port This is the main road at Ine-port in Kyoto Pref. We took an early morning stroll and it was just awesome.
The place is famous for it's views FROM the water.
But us being boat-people, we prefer to stroll the roads. And yes, Billie Bus drove down this road!

Photoshoot along the coast in Tottori Prefecture.

Nice !! 

Home Sweet Home Meinohama.
Showing Alishan and one of the rental campers.