Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 18

July 2022 was truly an On the Move month.

Billie Bee Camperbus 
with the famous bridge to the island in the background.

Yappari Good Morning.
Fukuoka's sky-line.

Yappari Cicada Buzzing.
The sound of these creatures tells us: Summer is here.

Japan has many islands. Luckily for us camper drivers, 
a lot of these jewels are easily accessible thanks to these bridges.
Picture: The bridge to Hirado Island.

Yappari Sunset Sailing.
That's what we did before campervan-life.
Those were happy days, too.

Nope we aren't lost, but 
Google Maps likes to test our driving skills by times.....

Fun-day hike with Marijke. 
At Iiharayama, just around the corner from us.

And another hike.
Can't get enough of it.

Oronoshima Port.

A very to-my-liking breakfast at Oroya Ryokan.
Once a month I stay at Oronoshima for 3 days, 
being involved with helping the ES and JH students with their English. 
FUN times !!

And look what was spotted in Osaka?
Our beloved Jan Haring.
Home for 19 years, 80.000 miles and so many memories.

Too bad the new owner doesn't look after Jan Haring.
But at least High and Dry on land,  he is save from sinking.

Yappari Lighthouse.
Just as I was passing-by, I stumbled upon this model of a LH somewhere " downtown " Osaka. 
As you might know (or not) in our previous life we were maritime navigators.
Hence, all lighthouses are our best friends.

Friend Mr Hono san posing with this well know sailboat 
Mr Horie, being 80+ years young, 
sailed her non-stop across the pacific From San Fran to Kobe.

Yappari Bridges.
There are plenty of them at the Seto Naikai. 
And as you can see, some are huge.
Last week we did 4 of them in 2 days during a sailboat delivery trip. Next week, has #4 on the list for our camper trip 😀

Some more pictures taken during that delivery from Kobe - Fukuoka.

At rest in Niihama Yacht Harbor.

Moments you want to last for ever.......



Saturday, September 24, 2022

Yappari Starry Night.

Yappari Starry Night.

Not by Vincent v Gogh but by Marijke.
Co starring Billie Bee of course.
And if you read the stars well:
Japan is open again for overseas visitors starting 11 October 2022.
Looking forward to be busy again.


Friday, September 2, 2022


                    During our summer 2022 camper road trip,

we finally got to see AND to enjoy Shirakawago.

Please see HERE Marijke's blog post for more pictures.


Sunday, August 28, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 17

Some pre-summer 2022 pictures.

Yappari it's Tsuyu.
Going outdoors these rainy season days rewards us with green and wet sceneries.
Luff it.

Yappari Time-out.
Have to admit, Life is Good.
A coffee break like this does happen. But rarely.
Usually, once we've parked Billie, we're out and about hiking and birdwatching.

Yappari So Cute.
The other day while exploring some rural roads, we spotted 2 baby Araiguma.
They were not afraid at all and so we had a good chance to observe them, from the inside of Billie Bee Bus.
Picture by Marijke.

Spectacles view of our city.
Still in lock-down for our overseas camper tourist..... Pffff.
But we are reedy for you.
One day, one day.

Yappari 77.777K
While driving the Expressway, we desperate needed a rest area. Just made on time to... Take this picture!
77.777 K on the counter.
Lucky and happy us !
Thank you Billie Bee Bus for all those safe and comfy miles.

Yappari it's Tsuyu now.
Also known as Rainy Season.
What is nice about this time of the year: The Long Days.
Okay it might rain but there are plenty of sunshine moments.
Great for exploring.

Yappari Rental Camper.
" Oh, what a good idea..."
So often heard at the campingcar shows where people come and dream about a campervan. 
Just to discover that buying is soo expensive.

Yappari Camper Rental.
Thinking about a roadtrip in Kyushu?


Sunday, July 24, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 16

Lost but Not.

This shows such a good example of what you can expect 
when you Go Rural Kyushu @ your camper road trip.
Just park and take a walk.

Birdwatching at Mt Kagamiyama Park.
Did you see that one just fly over?
Btw, this is Karatsu Bay as seen from the look-out deck. 

Nice place to visit.

Yappari 13 Meter.
As you may or mayn't know, 
we live on board of sailing yacht Alishan, Taswell 43 (13 meters length).
The other day Alishan had 13 meters of Toyota Coaster for company.
Pretty 3some.

Also know as drying fish, done on a sunny day.
Scenery at a rural fishing village.
The beauty of a camper road trip.

Our Toyota Coaster rental camper.
A little longer but a lot less high.
Perfect size for exploring Kyushu and beyond.

Yappari Pink.
In a few weeks time, the Heart of Kyushu will turn pink.
If you are into hiking and staying in a campervan, this is the magical combo as it allows you be Up and There early-early in the morning.

Yappari Sunset.
This is the kind of sunset-scenery you can expect to encounter 
during your Kyushu trip.
Camper rental, way to go.
Picture @ Marijke


Sunday, July 17, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 15

Yappari Spirited Away.

Today's scenery came straight from the anime movie.
An enjoyable hike.

Yappari Onsen.
Definitely we can recommend this place.
Great hot-spring annex DIY Jigokumushi steam cooking.
Nearby some great hiking and sightseeing. Fun times guaranteed.
Houreinoyu in Kumamoto.

Yappari Jigokumushi .
Steam cooking a nice meal.
Great fun and... so tasty.
Our favorites: Shrimp, egg, sweet potato and loads of veggies (all byo).
Houreinoyu in Kumamoto.

Yappari Land's End.
You can't drive any further west on mainland Japan.
Billie Bee had to be there :-)
Miyanoura on Hirado.

Yappari Pond Mirror.
All so near, all so far.
Plan for today?
Hike that peak, the view at the top must be awesome.
Come along?

Can't get any better.
Hike to that peak and a take well deserved bath afterwards.

For sure the more interesting places to explore are in the " off the beaten path " areas.
Like here in rural Saga Prefecture.
How to get there?
Well, by campervan. No schedule, no stress.
Way to go.

Yappari Totoro.
Billie Bee camper Bus really wanted to have his picture taken together with TOTORO chan.
Both are kind-of cute, don't you agree?
Oops. We got a wee bit lost ;-) but it's somewhere in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Yappari Wishes.
Well wishes can always be found at shrines.
So pleasing to see this tradition to continue.

Yappari Forest Bathing.
For your camper road trip, make sure you add a stroll in one of the National Parks in Kyushu.
Ahhh, so refreshing.

Yappari Rest Stop.
Our Toyota Coaster camper is here seen at rest at one of the many very convenient stops in Kyushu.
At the upper part of the Kuma River in Kagoshima Prefecture. Recommended camper country to visit.

Yappari Fresh Air.
Need some fresh air?

Yappari Koinobori.
Fly a Fish.
This time of the year " the sky " is full of them.
Scenery as seen in Saga Prefecture.

Yappari Narita Airport.
Oh yes, we do One Way Rentals.
What a way to go. And see it all.
Like for this customer who started at Narita, 
then drove all over Japan and finished the camper trip in Fukuoka.

Yappari Torii.
Just after sunset. Speechless.
Picture by Marijke.

It's fun going off the beaten path. But then suddenly ......

Ahhh, that's really too narrow to take the campervan.
So park outside the village and go for a stroll.
Enjoy " still old Japan ".
You'll luff it.


Flashback to the Good Times
 we had when we were cruising around with our sailboat Jan Haring 
at the San Blas Islands, Panama.
1985 !!