Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back in Rebak

Alishan is Back in Rebak.
When we will fly home to japan, Dave and Marcia of sy Strider will look after the catss and the boat.
Nice neh.
But we also have here a few days of HOTHOTTERHOTTEST days to do some boat projects.
And to organize ourselves for springy Fukuoka...can/will it really be soo cold??

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And Suddenly Alishan is in Telaga

After a few great days at Koh Rok Nok (who is there?) we had to jump away from a nasty bumpy lee-shore.
Of Course in the middle of the night.
So we let go of the mooring line and used the wind to make the miles in SE direction.
Of course the direction the wind came from.
Anyway, after 10 hours of (motor) sailing, with the last few miles @ 25 knots on the beam, we arrived
safe and sound, but sleepy at the Butang Group. Oh yes even had some dolphins playing at the bow!!
Luck was with us as we found a very healthy looking mooring buoy on the W-side of Ko Adang.
Nice and sheltered from wind, waves and swell.
Friends on sy BAVARIA who had left Rok Nok a few hours later than us, had a bumpy ride and as they opted to anchor
at the S-side of Ko Lipe...had an even more bumpy night.

The next day we moved to the N-side of Ko Lipe and yoho-yoho found an other safe and sound mooring..though 1 night we had to share it with a live-aboard dive boat. No Problems. Ko Lipe is indeed a little charm, some lay-back tourism to make it even more charming.

And now Alishan is (back) in Telaga, Langkawi.
Next week we'll move the boat and cats to Rebak as we fly "home" to Japan for a few days.


Monday, March 16, 2009

YotReps: 2009/03/17 00:07:23

IDENT: pc2134
TIME: 2009/03/17 00:07
LATITUDE: 06-29.61N
LONGITUDE: 099-17.70E

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On our way South

Alishan left Ao Chalong this morning with a good 15 knots of wind. Almost On The Nose, of course.
But luckily, later on we could lay an other we have a few options.
Right now we are heading for Ko Lanta. The morning breeze has gone and we are waiting for the afternoon sea breeze..mean while the Yanmar is making the miles.
From the Similans we had a good sail towards Phuket. EVEN managed to get 2 unlucky fish in the bucket!

Our 2nd night at Patong was veryvery little fun and lots and lots of rolling! Big heavy thunderstorms all around us. Bit scary indeed. Later we heard the sad news that only a few miles away from our anchorage a dive boat had rolled due to the heavy seas and 6 people drowned. A reminder that we have to stay alert for the sea.

BTW on our way south we passed Nai Harn Bay, where we spent Xmas with 80 other only has 7!

Oops it is HOT in here, 34 C. Time to go on deck.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Similan Islands

8 degree 40.5 N
97 degree 38.7 E
Koh Bangu is the name of the island and it belongs to the Similan group.
It is a national park, 99% marine park, so you have to "do it" in the water.
Alishan is hanging at the end of a mooring line. Right under us it is 15 meters deep and we can clearly see the bottom. And the zillion and zillion fish swimming by.
These islands are very popular for scuba diving, but even for snorkeling it is GREAT.

Yesterday we went for a 4 hour hike over the main island. Destination was a great look-out point, over viewing the other islands belonging to this group.
Underway we spotted the odd monitor lizard, saw some bird and squirrel life and Marijke had a close encounter with a killer bee...but luckily it was no direct hit.
Friends Danika and Sten of Mata'irea where here also for a few days and of course we compared snorkeling notes: More variety than in our fish books !

Tomorrow we will head back for Phuket. Hope today's nice E breeze will help us along.