Monday, April 21, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hong Kong's Lantau 50 trail-run, EXTRA

Now, you might have wondered why there were so many postings at 
Alishan on the Move about running and mountains.
Running-buddy Noriko and i got the idea to join an overseas trial-run and so...
found out about the Lantau Trail Run.

There is a 100K and a 50K.
We opted for the 50K so we still would have
 time and energy left over for a next day
Hong Kong Food Trail.

A picture show was made...
 showing you the scenery and some impressions.

NOT showing the pain it took for all those Lantau Steps and
Not showing the taste of all the food we had the next day.
Please enjoy, click


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Trip to Tsunoshima

Spring is here and that's the time for birds to make a migrating move.
We decided to observe some of it...

Tsunoshima in Yamaguchi prefecture is a perfect island to do so.
Island? used to be as there is  a convenient bridge connection with the mainland.

An early 0200 start from Fukuoka and 3 hours later we were  ready to explore:
Marijke with her Nikon and Yap with his Asics

The early birdwatcher catches the sunrise.

This picture was taken almost at the most NE tip of the island...
In the distant you can see the most SW point.

Beside the long bridge, this is Tsunoshima's other trade mark: The Light House.
An All made out of Brick construction.
We have sailed past this island twice: once with with Alishan and once with Fu Kyo and appreciate the building and guiding light.

Island Life is still here. 
Drying seaweed...between the unions.

Not Sure....

The sun had almost done his job for the day, so we decided to return to Alishan and the Cats.
But the drive home wasn't you can guess we couldn't resist the pull for a good soak at one of the many hots-prings in Yamaguchi prefecture...

A fully enjoyed day indeed.

 Pictures of birds of course can be found at Marijke's, click HERE