Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The WHY to Hawaii: Hilo Marathon 2015.

The Why! Hawaii...
 Loads of Aloha Fun to Run.

Hilo Marathon is known for:
Amazing scenic sights,
few runners (about 250 running the full marathon),
early morning start (just before sunrise),
cheerful aid-stations' staff and other volunteers,
pleasant tropical temperature,
 happy memories.

First part of the run was along the coast through more or less "rain forest".

Wow, if these guys don't make you happy at 15K point....?
btw....see the life jacket?

Here below some scenic shots.

....look Noriko...surfers out there!

What a magic place to run.

Funny faces keep on cheering us.
Even after 4 hours "on the water-job".

...a few more meters....
ehh, yards as they say in the US of A.

Not a record time, but a very very enjoyable marathon.
And the crowd (?) is still cheering.
Thank You!! does that beer taste Noriko san?

Definite a Marathon Remember.
And if time and $$ (airfare) allows Repeat.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Alishan & Fu Kyo ON AIR: Tuesday 21 April 2015, BS ASAHI.

On Tuesday 21 April, 2015
Between 19:00-21:00
Alishan, Fu Kyo and crew will be On Air.

Channel: BS ASAHI
(All Japan).

With 2 cameras pointing at us, no way we could escape.

All in all it was good fun doing the recording.
One of the days we went to Nokonoshima for a stroll 
and of course Marijke met up with friends..
and flowers.

But Fu Kyo is also in the story.
 She took us for a spin around Hakata Bay and made a short d-tour into Nakahama Minato.

An other day was a field trip...ehh ..sea trip 
to Eboshi Jima to do some serious bird-watching.
(see previous posting and Marijke's blog).

And of course, there was recording at our 
Meinohama Sunday Morning  Fishmarket.

Hopefully, you have a chance to see the program. 


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hawaii....Here we come.

Marathon friend Noriko and i decided 
to do our once-a-year-overseas-marathon in


The trip had a Good Start:
When we stepped on board of the airplane in Fukuoka,
we were welcomed by 
 the Cheeky Captain and Co-pilot,
amazingly Our Doppelgangers.

And with the help from 
the Ever Smiling Cabin Crew Karen and Leo,
the flight was super enjoyable, fast and relaxed.

A shock to the system was 
when we landed in Hilo on Big Island:
See that white stuff in the distance?
Yep, it's snow on the Mountains!
(us trying to escape the winter in Fukuoka).

But the good life in Hilo Town is slow, relaxed and peaceful.

We were told not to miss the local farmers market:
 Saturday and Wednesday AM, early!
Wow, what a good way to start the weekend.

One of the zillion trees: too big to fit the picture.

Parts of Big Island is very volcanic, 
but things are doing their best to grow.

Time for a short hike.

We wanted to go to the top, but the road above 3000 meter was closed due to snow and strong winds.

 For sure, 
The Big Island is cooking something down there.

Things you MUST eat !!
Papaya, banana bread and advocado spring rolls.
(of course all scored at the farmers market).

The NE of Big Island has spectacular Coast Lines.

A few days later @ Honolulu:
Fresh from the airplane :Time to get some yummy local food.

Ehh, Leo and Karen are here again.

And Peter came along for the Fun and the Hike.

They showed me The Must See ...
and indeed we spotted...


Told you:
Always Smiling.

..are you still a Believer that the Globe is Flat...?
Btw, Sunrise Surfers Out There.

Years ago, Marijke met Akebono here in Fukuoka.
Finally i met his statue in Hawaii.

He sits here every morning, 
greeting the joggers and feeding the cats.
And ready for a chat!

It's true:Honolulu has it's own CERN

Definite, Big Island is on the Must Return List.
Very relaxed place, good for hiking
 (and surfing they told me),
yummy yummy food, locally grown veggies.....
And zillion of Birds.
Guess who is interested in that?