Sunday, May 6, 2018

April Happenings II

April is migrating season.
For birds and boats.
Fukuoka was temporary landing spot for 
out of San Francisco.
On board Kathy and John.

Selena 53, very similar to Shogun.

Happy we could help them out with loading fuel.
A whooping 3300 liter diesel.
And a shopping trip to Costco ;-)

Sakura blooming was over, but nothing to worry, 
other trees and plants kept us in-the-clouds with their flowers and smells.

This year the tsutsuji, aka azalia, was stunning.

Noriko san tries to blend in.

And as of April, 
Airbnb Experiences are promoting my hiking event in Imajuku.

Click HERE for more.

Good fun, good fun.
So far with hikers joining me from
The Philippines,
Hong Kong,

Care for a hike in Fukuoka?


Friday, May 4, 2018

April Happenings I

A picture & update on some of 
Alishan and crew April Adventures.

A golden sunrise moment over Fukuoka.
The meniscus has been responding nicely to some intra-joint injections, rest and muscle strengthening 
(said me-is-the-physical-therapist).
So it's back to early AM jogging with my buddies. 

Location: the hill at Odo Park.

 Then, one early Friday morning:

  Nomozaki here we come! 
A spin with Esther the Car.

Nomozaki is part of Nagasaki City.
 Driving the coast line just SW of the town is pretty and relaxing.
Here showing off with pure blue and clean water.

At one of the photo-stops, 
just in the center between these 2 rocks, we spotted
Gunkanjima! in the distance.
In the past, with Jan Haring, Alishan and Fukyo, 
we had sailed by " Battleship Island" many times.
Now we see it from the mainland.

Anyway, our mission-du-jour is of course:
Birdwatching and hiking..... know who does what.
While Esther is patiently waiting.
Sweet toyota-girl.

As always, for the birdy shots, zoeff over to Marijke's blog.

Next are some more scenery pictures taken during the hike.

School yard fun.
ALL ! the kids 
from the local elementary and junior high school.

 A zoom-in of Gunkanjima.
A battleship indeed.

 Port of Nomozaki.

Beaches are patiently waiting for the summer crowd.

 Small crop farming, this is countryside.

Back at base-camp i found this scenery:
Yes, something is hiding over there....

In the afternoon we moved on.
This part of the country, roads are narrow.
Slow driving does it and traffic is sparse.

One more hike... the lighthouse at Kabeshima, 
most SW point of Nagasaki prefecture.

 A small museum with retired lighthouse bits and pieces.
The door is open, nobody is there, only a visitors book.
Isn't Japan awesome: It just sits there and no sticky-fingers!

Late afternoon we went back to Nomozaki Port for some food & more sightseeing.
Ouch, seeing this hurts.

 But this is cute.

And this is Sniff Sniff.
Sad to end your well travelled ocean-life like this.
But the location is Top.

The shoe locker at the local Hotspring.
Here we enjoyed a good soap and soak
 after a wonderful day On the Move.

You know we like RVing.
Driving around, exploring and camping with Esther.
And again we found a perfect spot for the night.
Clean toilets, water and a vending machine for warm coffee.

In case you want to know the exact location of this possy....

Next day we did some more B & H until midday...
when the rain-gates opened up and we flooded ourselves back to Fukuoka.
To a happy Nori who had missed us briefly at dinner time.

And finally, from the land where veggies are sweet and yummy:
Thank you Momoko papa and mama.
Ibusuki's garden-peas are the BEST.