Friday, March 30, 2012

Haru Ichi Ban

Or in English: The First (= strong) Spring Gale.
And indeed it is blowing.
Well, not that much. By times maybe 25 to 30 knots. But it is coming from the South, yep it's a warm wind: Today we had 22 C. No complains!
But it's also the only wind direction Alishan is relying 100% on her stern anchors. No problem here, there are 2 big solid concrete block down, but we do get some wind fetch and have some wave-chops at our stern. It all makes it noisy!
See here the weather chart:
2 High pressure systems with a low and a front in between..
Right on top of us.
In a few hours time rain will hit us..., the wind will switch to the North..and it will become cooler again.

It's almost cherry blossom time.. Due to the long cold weather we had this winter, nature is late, so fortunately this wind is too early and will not strip the flowers from the trees.

BTW, this Sunday we'll have the Sakura Saga Half Marathon.
Are we ready for it? Tell you later.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Black Coffee feat Tsepo Never Saw You Coming

Somehow i stumbled onto this YouTube...
Somehow i got it downloaded as MP3,
 and somehow i got it onto my MP3 player ( the one i use for running).

Boy...does this get under my skin!   

 Swing and Run it out.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Watch out for Cyber Criminals

Yep, that's what the email said.

It was a reminder from our "Acme" PC protection program that our 1 year subscription was ending soon and that "Acme" would charge my credit card for $70.
(that's okay, after all it does a good job for our 3 computers:
1 @ Alishan, 1 for Crew on the Move and 1 @ Fu Kyo the Cat).
There was a small hick-up. The CC was expired.
Well, no problem, i just had gotten a fresh one, so i checked-in at My Account at "Acme" for updating the CC data. Then i found out  the Billing address was in the Netherlands Antilles, no idea how this had happened. ( it's been so since 2007!).
 Thus i corrected the address to plain the Netherlands.

Next i get an email from 'Acme": Thanks for the updated data...we will charge your CC for EU 75!
Oops, that makes $100....what a whopping price increase!

So this cyber criminal goes back to My Account and resets the Billing address to the Netherlands Antilles...and gets a fresh new email stating the charge will be $70.

And salute.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's the difference between Nori and Wakame?

Alishan on the Move got a hit via Google Search because somebody wanted to know the difference between Nori and Wakame.

Well, we know;-)

Nori was born as a boy,
Wakame as a girl.

Nori's coat is grey with black stripes,
Wakame's is brown with black stripes.

Nori is the bigger one,
Wakame the smaller.

Nori is now 9 years old,
Wakame is 6 months younger.

Nori likes almost all sashimi (raw fish),
Wakame only likes PINK fish ( salmon).

Nori always lets Wakame eat first,
Wakame pushes Nori aside if SHE wants to eat.

Nori likes to sleep on top of the blankets when it's cold,
Wakame pushes us in a corner to get the best spot under the blankets.

Nori just complains (miaoww, miaoww) when it's rough out at sea,
Wakame gets real seasick: bubbles bubbles.

But: Nori luffs Wakame and Wakame luffs Nori!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring is in the Air

Weather talk: Somehow we had taken the Taiwan Rain with us.
And on top of that, one day the rain turned into white stuff that gave us the fattest layer of snow for the year. Luckily it lasted only 1 day.
But since yesterday it seems Spring is Gaining, so running-buddy Shinkai San and i decided to go for it.
Bit of tar seal, a bit of "off road",  some up- and downhill.

At the top: Kanoga Dake.

On the way back to Atagohama we spotted this Beauty! 
 Spring is in the Air!