Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's the difference between Nori and Wakame?

Alishan on the Move got a hit via Google Search because somebody wanted to know the difference between Nori and Wakame.

Well, we know;-)

Nori was born as a boy,
Wakame as a girl.

Nori's coat is grey with black stripes,
Wakame's is brown with black stripes.

Nori is the bigger one,
Wakame the smaller.

Nori is now 9 years old,
Wakame is 6 months younger.

Nori likes almost all sashimi (raw fish),
Wakame only likes PINK fish ( salmon).

Nori always lets Wakame eat first,
Wakame pushes Nori aside if SHE wants to eat.

Nori likes to sleep on top of the blankets when it's cold,
Wakame pushes us in a corner to get the best spot under the blankets.

Nori just complains (miaoww, miaoww) when it's rough out at sea,
Wakame gets real seasick: bubbles bubbles.

But: Nori luffs Wakame and Wakame luffs Nori!