Sunday, June 9, 2019

A picture flashback to Fun in the Snow March 2019

Internet work for promotion of 
takes its toll here at 
Alishan on the Move.

But see here, a few months late, a picture update of the fun 4 days we had skiing and whatever in Nagano area.
And at the bottom of this posting,
a link to a YouTuby.
Anyway, looking at these pix etc are definite happy memories for us.

 Who wasn't happy?
Marijke stuffed him in a large shopping bag and bicycled him over to the Pet Hotel
(in miau language: pet jail)

  Our lodging.
Hotel, food and staff receive a very high ranking form all of us.
Thank you for your hospitality.

Craig our Man.

First day on the White Stuff
 Noriko, Karen, Craig and Marijke.
Thumbs up, for sure for the weather.

All Smiles.

One of The Famous Nagano Snow Monkeys.

For a YouTube to see the magic skiing in action,