Sunday, February 10, 2019

Spring is around the corner.

So far we have had a very mild winter.
At least here in Fukuoka.
For wintery and snow pictures you'll have to wait till March
 when we, yoho-yoho, will fly to the north of Japan to do some skiing and more.

Anyway, right now (early February) plum blossom is blooming
 and the prediction is that the Sakura will be 2 weeks early this year.

So no snow covered Raizan Beauty Queen this year...
for that you'll have to zoeff back to our last year's posting ;-)
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Boat Talk.
One wintery project we undertook:
Giving The Saloon Table some Legs.

How about the under-table locker..?
As we don't eat so much anymore, we don't need it for food-storage.

You're sure....?
Too late.

Almost done....
The Main Why: now we can stretch our legs while seated at the table. And yes, we do that a lot during the colder winter months.

Then came late January.
Marijke's birthday and " work-duty " were good reasons to take a camper trip.
With our favorite Oki-Dokey.

The night before Oki-Dokey and Alishan had a date...

We indeed had a wonderful trip, next posting will show you.
Spoiler: Somehow Oki-Dokey again and again 
drove us to sea-shores....don't know why.

Of course we didn't do any cooking.
Just testing and more testing of local food.
Amakusa " champon " here.

And a first for this trip: Nori joined us!!!
The first 75 K he was acting like a fire-engine on +++call, 
but later he settled in nicely.
Such a Globetrotter.

BTW, tablet, Nori and Marijke did the navigation for this trip.
Got lost only once....

In case you want to rent a camper: