Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Out and About part 2

An other Outing was to the hills in Itoshima,
just to the West of Fukuoka City.

...almost looks like being in a rain forest...

There are a few trails leading to the top.
That day i decided to follow the stream towards the waterfall and further.

It's always happy-time to go hiking, 
but it's more fun when you meet fellow hikers.

...so they can take your picture....

...just "follow" the flow....
My shoes weren't 100% waterproof, so had to do a lot of jumping.

 And that's and other great view of Fukuoka City.
Again if you know where to look, you can see Alishan
Vice versa, from Alishan we have a look-out to this mountain point.

....pfff, then you think you'll be all by yourself....
The local high-school had their Field Day!
(obvious, they took an other trail...)



 Some great trail running tracks to be found on this mountain range.


Then, in early December we had this Other Outing...

Yep, we flew to Amazing Amami Ohshima.

We stayed in a hotel near the fishing port in Naze, the main city of the island.

 Next morning, just after dark, my running shoes took me on a familiar course to....

... the port of Daikuma...!
(Also,7 years ago, we had stayed here with Alishan, when we were on our way down South...
and 18 years!! ago, with our sailing yacht Jan Haring, on our way North...
...ahh, we are not getting younger...)

Great, the fish tackle shop is still there...
The shop is important in our story..Will tell you later.

...part of "my" running course went through a tunnel....
and yes, half way, i was alert enough to take this picture.

Ahhh, and the Good Bakery is still there.
Here you can buy fresh & yummy bread, even before 7 AM!
And because you come so early, they give you  ++ discount!

Later, we rented a car and drove Up North to a park...
Hot Spot for birds (see Marijke's blog).


....and nice views....


In a restaurant in Naze...we still can find this amazing piece of art...
What became real important in our next story...
Want to know?
See upcoming posting.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Out and About part 1

Yep, it's that time of the year again.
Persimmon drying in the cockpit.
What a great All Weather (& all things) Shelter Alishan has!

But Persimmon Season also equals Mountain Season, so.....

With buddy runners/hikers Noriko and Ohara san,
it's time for an other dash Into the Heart of Kyushu.

 Nope, this peak ain't our goal...but if you know the kanji for mountain...
you can see where it comes from.

In the middle, far-far distance....That's the One.

Perfect weather, aren't we lucky!

  ....a bit more to go....

 Looking back...yep, that was a steep climb...

  Well, we made it. Time for a rest,

...some good food...

...and time to enjoy the scenery: The Jewel of Kyushu.

  It was worth it.
See you again next year.


Closer to Home

West side of Fukuoka: Immajuku.
The Island in the far distance, just right of center, is Genkai Shima. It's smack in the middle of the entrance to Fukuoka Bay. Basically the waters you see here is where Fu Kyo the Cat cruises around for Sunset Sailing.

A view further to the West. 

Mr Spider has a message for Fukuoka.

A distance view of that Great City Fukuoka. 
If you know where to look...you can see Alishan!!

Nice trail running just around the corner from our place.