Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Along the Coast

This is the neighbourhood of Marleen and Loek. Their amazing nice house is not visible on this picture as it is hidden by trees. As you have seen on previous pictures, from their location we have stunning ocean views.
The islands in the top right corner are the Poor Knights Islands, one of NZ top marine reserves.

An other NZ trade mark....

This year it is a top year for the pohutukawa.
We can't stop taking pictures...

Hmm, not always sunshine, but a great day for a hike in the MIMIWHANGATA  area.

It has special memories for us as 25 years ago we stayed in this nature reserve for a week.

Plenty of beaches.

"Of course" for our youngsters Tom and Maxime it was a first.

Green, hilly and great views.

Again pohutakawa, with way down below some land-dolphins....

The cottage we had stayed in, still the same.

Hmmm, wonder what these are??

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Eve

Xmas food in NZ is ham!
Here she goes onto the bbq for an extra bit of cooking.

To built up the appetite...a stroll in the garden.

Looks like she's done.
Hmm, tofu and natto is hard to find on a Kiwi table.

Whangarei Town Basin

In November 1986 our Jan Haring moored here for the first time. Much has changed, mostly on the shores, but it still has that magic feeling after all those ocean miles ( Holland to NZ).

Now River Side Park is loaded with great ART.

After our first time in Japan when we sailed back to NZ, this marina became home for Jan Haring from Dec '92- april '94.

FISH (Airfish?)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sunny Days before Christmas

Oops, this sign was only 3 meters to the left of the
Welcome to Whangarei... 

Welcome Team, (Sjaak, Hessel, Marleen and Marijke)
 awaiting Sister Sjak's arrival.

Good "Old" Kiwi Tucker: Spuds, Lamb, Beet, Pumpkin, Purple Cauliflower and  Fresh + Dried Tomato.

Marleen is pointing to this year's Christmas Tree.

Marijke and Eva the Cat taking an afternoon nap.
(don't tell Nori and Wakame..)

Nope, this is sunrise!

Nice possy to observe that sunrise from...

The view from the other side of the house, with down there
 "our private beach".

It's sunny and warm, but the sea is still brbrbbrrrr.
It will be swimmable after Xmas they say;-)

See Ya

Monday, December 19, 2011

NZ, Land of .........

Yep Mate, we're in New Zealand for the Xmas holidays.
As we remembered it, NZ is still the Land of.....

Many, many pleasure boats...

Plenty of flowers (this season)...

Oops, some wet and windy moments....

So much bread to choose from....

And colourful cauliflower.

It's been 10 years since we last visited sister Marleen and hubby Loek. 
Tell you, it's good to be here;-).


Thursday, December 8, 2011

TAO drum

Last night we went to see TAO Drum, our "local" Kyushu world famous drum group. It wasn't the first time we saw them beating-up the audience...and again we really enjoyed it. What a great show.

Click here  TAO Drum  what i found at YouTube:
....and of course there is more;-)

In the mean time we are having our first wintery gale, brbrbr.
Nori and Wakame are arguing about who can sleep  on whose lap..... I think they probably already know....that sometime next week M&J will be up-up-up in the air on the way to NZ and they have to spend Xmas in a CatJail...


Monday, December 5, 2011

Inland Sea

Mid October saw Fu Kyo the Cat go for a Spin Into the Inland Sea.
Last weekend we returned to Fukuoka, having logged about 650 miles.
As you might know, the Inland Sea is 
famous for Little Wind and for No Waves.

We had of course days with no wind and waves.
But we also clocked 35 knot winds (head- and downwind) and some 2~2.5 meter seas!

Overall, the scenery is amazing, even with all the shipbuilding and heavy industry sites.
See here some shots. These and some more are at Fu Kyo the Cat 

This is Kobe's Sky line. Our most eastern point in the trip.

The South Coast of Awaji Shima.

The Inland Sea is also known for it's serious currents.
Here we are "flying" under this bridge, doing 17+ knots
(of which 7 are produced by the twin engines).

Well, see here a typical Inland Sea shot: No wind, no waves and  one of the zillion fishing boats.

That's good! This, ahum, Research Vessel aint out there catching whales!

Time of the year, pretty neh.

Here it's down wind (25+) stuff.
With a solid 2 knot current on the nose. That was exciting for a few hours due to "funny " seas.

The bridge connection between Honshu and Kyushu. Somehow we timed it correct with a full current from behind.

Kitakyushu, Kyushu's most northern city....
ah...the name already said it!

Always wondered where those clouds are being made?

From this point on, it was an other 45 miles more to Fukuoka. 
We were in a hurry...and correct as the next day it was blowing foul from the SW, the direction of the last leg.

Yesterday we pulled Fu Kyo the Cat on the hard...
until spring next year.
We then hope to travel down South.