Sunday, July 24, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 16

Lost but Not.

This shows such a good example of what you can expect 
when you Go Rural Kyushu @ your camper road trip.
Just park and take a walk.

Birdwatching at Mt Kagamiyama Park.
Did you see that one just fly over?
Btw, this is Karatsu Bay as seen from the look-out deck. 

Nice place to visit.

Yappari 13 Meter.
As you may or mayn't know, 
we live on board of sailing yacht Alishan, Taswell 43 (13 meters length).
The other day Alishan had 13 meters of Toyota Coaster for company.
Pretty 3some.

Also know as drying fish, done on a sunny day.
Scenery at a rural fishing village.
The beauty of a camper road trip.

Our Toyota Coaster rental camper.
A little longer but a lot less high.
Perfect size for exploring Kyushu and beyond.

Yappari Pink.
In a few weeks time, the Heart of Kyushu will turn pink.
If you are into hiking and staying in a campervan, this is the magical combo as it allows you be Up and There early-early in the morning.

Yappari Sunset.
This is the kind of sunset-scenery you can expect to encounter 
during your Kyushu trip.
Camper rental, way to go.
Picture @ Marijke


Sunday, July 17, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 15

Yappari Spirited Away.

Today's scenery came straight from the anime movie.
An enjoyable hike.

Yappari Onsen.
Definitely we can recommend this place.
Great hot-spring annex DIY Jigokumushi steam cooking.
Nearby some great hiking and sightseeing. Fun times guaranteed.
Houreinoyu in Kumamoto.

Yappari Jigokumushi .
Steam cooking a nice meal.
Great fun and... so tasty.
Our favorites: Shrimp, egg, sweet potato and loads of veggies (all byo).
Houreinoyu in Kumamoto.

Yappari Land's End.
You can't drive any further west on mainland Japan.
Billie Bee had to be there :-)
Miyanoura on Hirado.

Yappari Pond Mirror.
All so near, all so far.
Plan for today?
Hike that peak, the view at the top must be awesome.
Come along?

Can't get any better.
Hike to that peak and a take well deserved bath afterwards.

For sure the more interesting places to explore are in the " off the beaten path " areas.
Like here in rural Saga Prefecture.
How to get there?
Well, by campervan. No schedule, no stress.
Way to go.

Yappari Totoro.
Billie Bee camper Bus really wanted to have his picture taken together with TOTORO chan.
Both are kind-of cute, don't you agree?
Oops. We got a wee bit lost ;-) but it's somewhere in Kumamoto Prefecture.

Yappari Wishes.
Well wishes can always be found at shrines.
So pleasing to see this tradition to continue.

Yappari Forest Bathing.
For your camper road trip, make sure you add a stroll in one of the National Parks in Kyushu.
Ahhh, so refreshing.

Yappari Rest Stop.
Our Toyota Coaster camper is here seen at rest at one of the many very convenient stops in Kyushu.
At the upper part of the Kuma River in Kagoshima Prefecture. Recommended camper country to visit.

Yappari Fresh Air.
Need some fresh air?

Yappari Koinobori.
Fly a Fish.
This time of the year " the sky " is full of them.
Scenery as seen in Saga Prefecture.

Yappari Narita Airport.
Oh yes, we do One Way Rentals.
What a way to go. And see it all.
Like for this customer who started at Narita, 
then drove all over Japan and finished the camper trip in Fukuoka.

Yappari Torii.
Just after sunset. Speechless.
Picture by Marijke.

It's fun going off the beaten path. But then suddenly ......

Ahhh, that's really too narrow to take the campervan.
So park outside the village and go for a stroll.
Enjoy " still old Japan ".
You'll luff it.


Flashback to the Good Times
 we had when we were cruising around with our sailboat Jan Haring 
at the San Blas Islands, Panama.
1985 !!

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Monday, April 25, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 14

So much to see.....

Right now it truly is Sakura All Over the Place.
What a sights. What a happiness.
Of course this scenery is in Yanagawa, hometown for our rental campers.

Our customers speaking out.
Showing plenty of satisfaction.
Thank you so much.

Our rental RV Toyota Coaster AUCKLAND at rest and settling in for the night.
Clean and safe restroom @ 1 min walk, hotspring/onsen @ 10 minute.

Just because.
At one of the zillion picturesque rest-stops.
Also good for a stroll in the neighborhood.

Kyushu Road Trip. Plenty of space and scenery.
Picture says it all.

This is " here ", but could be anywhere in camper friendly Nippon.
Don't you agree with the great view from the pilot house?

Yappari Selfie.
Waiting in line for the red light.
Time for some reflection.

Even driving the Expressway should be on your trip-list.
Otherwise you miss out on scenery like this.

Billie Bee Bus and crew had a relaxing sleep at this Michinoeki in Yamaguchi ken.
All ready now to go out and explore the day.

Yappari Holy Mackerel.
Is it true? Tonight's dinner is sashimi?
Yep !!
It's one of the perks when you live in a fishing harbor.

Yappari Tatsukushi Marine Park.
When we were in Shikoku we took this glass-bottom boat ride. Money well spent.
During our own boat travels we have seen many-many awesome coral places. This was a sweet reminder of the underwater beauty out there.

We had a relaxing sleep.
Aren't the road stations awesome? Perfect for a campervan road trip.
But of course : Courtesy manners do apply!

Marijke in Picture Wonderland.



Monday, April 11, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 13

We like to share with you 
what we like to do.
Some more Billie Bee On the Move pictures.


Yappari Beppu.
Normal sighting in the city of Beppu.
Nothing to worry, just releasing some steam by Mother Earth.
Come and visit Kyushu.

Yappari Hoarfrost.
Be There !! to experience this frozen dew phenomenon.
Often found in spring at higher altitudes, like here at Mt.Kirisihima in Kagoshima.

Yappari Sakura.
Still thinking about that camper road-trip in Kyushu this spring?

Catching the last rays of winter.
Spring, we are ready for you !
As seen at Ariake Sea.

Round-trip into the Heart of Kyushu.
Those days we campered around with a Toyota Estima.
It was fun, but our Billie Bee Bus has more comfort.

Yappari Camper Paradise.
Truly, Japan is a camper paradise. Not only out in nature, but also at parking areas like this, it's superb.
Manners do apply, like: don't bbq and make trouble to other people.
Btw, isn't that some amazing infrastructure?

Yappari Camper.
Still contemplating what to do for your annual leave?

Thought you would like to know what our backyard looked like ;-) In this case Aso-Kuju National Park.
So...what do you think?

Yappari Snug.
Birdwatching from the inside of the camper bus.
All the more cozy πŸ˜‰

Yappari Capsule Hotel.
Japan is famous for its capsule hotels. But be assured, a stay in one of our campervans is so much more comfortable :-)
Rental camper, way to go.
(Location: Kochi Prefecture, picture by Marijke)

Yappari Plum Blossoms.
It's white and pink all over the place.
Happy colors to lift us out of the winter mood.

Yappari Bamboo η«Ή.
It's not only Kyoto that has beauty (but for sure it has the crowds).
This magic bamboo forest is located in rustic Kagoshima.
Sublime camper country !

Yappari What's-up.

Yappari Road Trip.
It's not always blue skies and sunshine.
But it's definite very comfy to take a camper road trip in Mysterious Shikoku.

Yappari Castles.
Flashback to our trip in Shikoku.
Kochi Castle.
Always rewarding to walk the surroundings of a Japanese castle. These lords knew how to settle regarding of location and architecture.

Yappari Go Rural.
During our camper road trip in Kagoshima, we spotted this unfortunate mailbox. Not doing too well.
Due to the digi-mail virus?
Odaijini – γŠε€§δΊ‹γ« (γŠγ γ„γ˜γ«)
Get better soon, neh.

Yappari Go Rural.
Look what we found next?
A Yellow Mailbox. What a treasure and still on duty :-)

Yappari Go Rural.
By now we have been Out and About (as in traveling the globe) 
for almost 40 years.
Grateful for all the postal services around the world.
Happy to see this JP mailbox reminding us of yesteryears.