Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Autumn Snaps 2020


♤ Pond on the Rocks ♤
As it was seen at Mifuneyama Koen in Takeo, Saga.
Indeed a cool place to wind down on a hot day.

Looking down from Oka Castle Ruins in Oita. Even the car-park is ahhhsome.
Can you spot Billie Bee?
Happy camper, way to go.

Good Morning.
A slightly different start if our Sunday. Luff it too.
Happy camper here at Mt Aso National Park.

Excuse me, do you have a moment to dream away... ?

Remember adventure SHOGUN?
Well, she found a new owner and left Fukuoka this November.
Bon voyage.

File photo of camper customers from Israel.
Their 6 weeks camper trip started in Tokyo and finished in Fukuoka.
Can you guess what an amazing experience they had?

One of the things we celebrated in November:
Happy 18 birthday!!!

Time to wind down, stroll the alleys, take in the sights..... and dream away.
Oh, and of course go for a long soak in one of the many hotsprings.
As it happens in Kurokawa Onsen in Kumammoto.

Japan has many extremes.
Like: shinkansen & steam train. This one is the Yamaguchi Express.
To be able to see it chuck-chucking along the countryside is so exciting.

Guess why we like to roam the often narrow roads with our camper.
Bonus of course are the autumn colors.

This time of the year it's Ahhh & Ohh and More.
Be prepared for some jaw dropping.

A bit of this and a bit of that.
ゆ is the sign for sento (bath) or hotspring.
P in this case for parking, pizza and pasta (confused?).
The hotspring is a short walk down from the road, at the base of the cliffs.

Early-early morning. Best moment of the day.
Misty conditions makes it more magical at this perfect overnight stop we shared with 1 more camper.
Location: SE of Mt Aso.

Time for a break. Always plenty of rest areas available.

Undeniable, we had awesome autumn weather and spectacular colors all around us.
Now heading into more wintery weather... but that doesn't stop us from exploring Nippon by camper.

What to say?
Probably you say something like: Wish I was there !
Camper rental, way to go and enjoy Kyushu in autumn.
And winter.
And spring.

Magic in the Air. As seen in Sawaraku, Fukuoka.

Care for a snack?
How about a very tasty and amazingly fresh UNI, also known as sea-urchin.
Here for sale at the morning fish market in Yobuko, Saga Prefecture.