Friday, October 30, 2015

Testing Shogun and ourselves at Sea.

The weather was good, so it's time to test Shogun and ourselves.
The systems on board are still complicated to us, but slowly, slowly ..
Ahh, That's How and Why!
(and so much more to learn...)

  Doing about 6 knots and no wake.
The sign of a trawler at comfy speed.

Offshore Monaco.

 At anchor in front of some Prime Real Estate.
Oui oui oui, c'est La Dulce France.

First night at anchor is Done.

View in and from the Pilot House.

And an other First: Flippers in front of Shogun.

 Back at Imperia Marina.
High clouds are starting to move in.
We had been lucky with the weather.

Ciao for now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Even more pictures from IMPERIA and ABOUT

 And the ABOUT was a road trip to Portofino.
Portofino is well known in Japan as part of the town-idea was used for 
Tokyo DisneySea.

All on board of the Red Fiat.

Portofino's High-rise Apartment.

Guess why this place is also popular for ...

Mr Mitsuda and Mr Konami.

As said before...
Luff taking pictures of Fishing Floats.

Well,  ain't this a Fine Port?
(where are the dolphins ?).

Back in Imperia,
More On the Run Fun.

Ciao for Now.

Monday, October 26, 2015

More pictures from Imperia

Good Morning AM sampo with Marijke.
And of course with her Nikon.

Jogging around Imperia with Sakura san.
What a fun way to explore this town.
These doors are heavy: cast in bronze.

And so much history in stone.

One day it was time for the local triathlon around SHOGUN

Marijke in front of the Art Gallery of Joe Feder.
In spring of 2005, Joe was crew on board of Leonare, 
our neighbour-boat for 6 weeks in Meinohama. 
Small world.

Imperia's Skymark.
Showing the city's Golden Days of Olive Oil and Pasta Trade.

Famous for Pasta.

Cute or Not...? 

Brand new Royal Huisman.
Sea Eagle.
(google her name for details).

Never get tired of looking at fishing vessels.
Here in Italy they all are in TipTop condition.

Ciao for Now.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pictures taken the last few weeks (1)

The middle of September saw us flying to Italy and
moving on board of SHOGUN.
Marijke had been able to shuffle her classes around so she was with me for 2 weeks.

Some real cute floats out here.
@ the left corner you can see the flybridge of SHOGUN 

Here below some pictures taken at the Big Boats show in Monaco.

Nope Mr Mitsuda, we are not changing back to sailing.

Almost every morning it is Bingo with 
a Spectacular Sunrise Show.

Famous Ozzie Boat,
Once the unsuccessful defender of the America's cup.

Imperia has two city locations.
The Mrina with SHOGUN is in the middle of them.

Winter will show-up one day 
and already there are the odd days
 the mountain tops are covered with white fluffy stuff.

More to follow.