Wednesday, March 29, 2017

February Fun Facts part 4, Around Mt Hiko, Kyushu

One crispy February morning found us 
at Mt Hiko, Kyushu.
Marijke with camera searching for birds,
and me with a small back-pack heading to the top and around.

 The famous temple at Mt Hiko is located at the end of this stone-steps-struggle.
(In making and in climbing).

The reward for climbing all these stone steps: 
You can ring this huge bell!

After the temple, there are still a few more stone steps, but later on the path becomes more knee-friendly. 
The trail is all well marked for the usually many climbers 
...but not this beautiful day. Met only a handful.

Awesome ice-particles as the ground was still freezing up at night/early morning.

Looking West....

...and looking East.

 The top as seen from the next hill-top.

 Going down at the other side from the mountain. 
One slippery part has these very-man-made-steps.

Who says stones don't grow....?

Time to refill the water bottle, do it here!

 At the end of the mountain trail there is, surprise, another temple.
Of course with a patiently waiting cow to be rubbed for your own health reasons. 

Hint for where to re-enter the trail ...

 Easy and pleasant going.

Yes, yes yes,

Showing off neh....

Mt Hiko famous noodle shop, 
run by the same owners for oodles of years.
Don't think the interior has changed much those years.
Luff it.
And yummy food too.

Spotted this Girls Festival Display at another location.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

February Fun Facts part 3, Mt Raizan and early sakura.

Never get tired of hiking the trails at Mt Raizan.
So here we go....
We as in: friend Uli joined me.

 It was still wintery and cold but the weather forecast was good, so no excuse.
We parked at this spacious car-park, what is more or less at the end of the road.
And it has a super clean toilet.
Hey, this is Japan.

Clean, cleaner and cleanest Raizan water.

 Uli had to admit: It's still crisp at the top...0 C degree.
But also zero wind, magic!

 Ouch, part of this mountain road got washed away.
But repairs are being made.. it looks like a few-weeks job.

Raizan is famous for Sennyojin Temple and its amazing garden.
A must visit.

As seen in and around Sennyoji Dai-Hiouin.

And here some early sakura blossom on the sloops of Atago, 
that small hill just around the corner from Alishan.

 Fukuoka Tower is peeping from underneath.

For more info on Mt Raizan and other:

Low Budget hike and sightseeing tours, 
in Dutch, English and Japanese.

See also Facebook page, click HERE

For trips and tips, contact at 090-7587-7677


Saturday, March 18, 2017

February Fun Facts part 2, enjoying the Good Weather Days.

An amazing day, weather-wise for sure...
so it was time to hike Mt Iimori
Just at our backyard.

Downtown Fukuoka in the distance....
What a privilege to live in this city.

Pink and Blue are ruling this day.

Wish-list notes at Iimori jinja.

That's Power.

Problem is to find a fitting grass skirt for these Ladies.