Friday, August 15, 2014

An other pretty day on and around Mt Kuju Land.

....peeppeep peeppeep....

the alarm makes oodles of noice at 02:00 and by
03:00 we are all packed-up inside Esther the Car 
and zoeffing over semi deserted roads towards Mt Kuju,
 in the heart of Kyushu.

Just after sunrise we arrive at Chojabaru and here we split-up,
.....after a chu-chu of course..... :
Marijke with her Nikon and 
me with my GoPro and Montrail shoes. 

Click on the link: A Day at Mt Kuju area

or just see it here.

And yes, it was an other Amazing Day,
only a few hours away from the boat and the sea but
 it felt like a long vacation. 
The weather wasn't super (i got rained off the mountain as can be seen in the tube) but thanks to the strong-ish wind we had plenty of clear skies as well.
 Luff the Clouds.
That day i spotted a rainbow at 5 different locations.
Who's Lucky?

Regarding the video: it turns out that transferring the 
"real" to YouTube does something to the quality. 
Still have to find out what the best settings are.


Sunday, August 3, 2014

GoPro did it again on board of Fu Kyo the Catamaran

Ahoy readers,

This is so much fun.....
...once the result (still poor) is there.

Click on the link: Party in the Sun

or just see it here:

(yep, this is what they call: a job.....)

Looking forward to welcome you on board,