Sunday, March 20, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 12

And the Journey Continues.

Visiting some of the Hell-Hotpools in Beppu, Oita Prefecture, 
should be on your camper road trip.
Plenty of free parking area.
Fun-to-do things like cooking your own meal 
at one of the hot-spring-steaming restaurants.

And then suddenly ..... you spot this temple gem.
Ain't that a pretty location?

Look at that weather: winter sky.
Coffee break at one of the superb rest areas along the Kyushu Expressway.
What a pleasure to be on a road trip with our camper.

Now and then it's time to treat yourself to a lunch meal. High quality and good value to be found.
Who says traveling in Japan is expensive?

On your list for Shikoku should be the Shimanto River.
And see those famous submergible bridges for your self.
Spectacular views are guaranteed.

Shimanto River.

Who prefers to potter in a crammed shower in a campervan when there are soo many magic hot springs and spa's available ?
BTW, this one in Shikoku charged us a whopping Y350 pp.

Magic times exploring the inside of Shikoku.
Where is everybody?

See here one of those treasured locations in Kyushu where you can just sit..... and dream away from all of it.
Suizenji Park in Kumamoto.

Winter scenery.
Perfect season to explore our amazing Onsen Island 



Sunday, March 6, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 11


This time in History: 2009.
We were with our sailing yacht Alishan 
on the Kinabatangan River in Borneo, Malaysia
Sweet merry memories.
This year's Christmas will be where?
Anyway, it's the honor of Billie Bee Bus to take us.

Driving along nicely in Kagoshima and suddenly you get this spectacular view.
Time for a picture.
And a coffee.
That's quality time for us.

If your camper road trip takes you to Kumamoto City, 
make sure you'll visit Suizenji Park 
and sit down to enjoy a cuppa O-Cha with this amazing view.

That's what it's all about.
Drive, see and park away from all the hustle and bustle.
(picture by one of our customers)

Wintery Scenery.
You don't want to miss out.

It's cold but this is wintery scenery you'll enjoy.
BTW, all our campers have Webasto FF heaters installed.

This time in History: Mt Unzen, Nagasaki.
Those early mornings, best light there is.

That's all for now.