Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Holland & Family Sunny Summer 2016

Summer 2016.

A trip down Memory Lane.
And many happy moments with family and friends.
In Holland:
Maassluis, Amersfoort, Staphorst,
Giethoorn, Wageningen.
And Lisbon, Portugal.

In the following Alishan on the Move
postings you'll see places and faces.
Mostly for our own Picture-Album.
But happy to share them with you.

Here we Go.

Down town Maassluis.
Jaap's hometown and Port of Registry for Alishan.

Nachtegaallaan, Maassluis.
Home to the Mulder Family for over 40 years.

Neighbours from the first hours: 
Frans and Pia van Wensveen.
Still happily living in the Nachtegaallaan.

Transport in Holland was partly done using the Yellow NS Rail. 
(Like puzzles? Go figure out their system).
Mostly on time...but definite lacking the Well Known quality of Japan Rail. 
Ask Marleen and Loek.

While riding the train...zooeffing past 
the VAN NELLE factory where Pa Mulder used to work.
Hmm, i can still smell fresh roasted coffee, tea, pudding, tobacco and of course CHICKLETS chewing-gum.

 Transport (& lodging) was also done by Way of CORRY.
Sjaak and Hessel's camper-van with some temperament.
Thanx for borrowing...hope she'll get better soon!

My 3 Sweet Sisters.
Marleen, Sjakkelien and Hessel.
Hyping-up for an Outdoor Activity.
(see Giethoorn posting later on).

At good old Staphorst (the dogs=The Reason Why).
All Together Now.
Travelled from NZ, Japan, Korea,
 Maassluis, Den Hague,

Next Family Get-Together was  including cousins and sprouts from the mulder branch.
superb garden bbq in Westerfoort
Thanx Jacob and Gerri for the planning.

Salute for now.