Thursday, November 20, 2014

An other Perfect Autumn Sunset Sail.

Isn't this Magic Autumn Sailing...


Fun to make.

...enough said...

Ken the Man.

Serene Sailing Hakata Bay.
(should say: drifting due to lack of wind...) 

In the distance my favorite hiking trails:
 From Mt Raizan (r) to Mt Sefurie (l).
Meet you here or there.


Thursday, November 13, 2014

i GOOD JOG-ed the 2014 Fukuoka Marathon.

50.000 people wanted to join the first

Fukuoka GOOD JOG Marathon held in November 2014.

Only 10.000 got a starting-ticked. 

I was lucky.

A BIG Thank You to

the organizers, runners, sponsors, supporters

 and the Wonderful Volunteers.

It was SUPER.

Some pictures: 

Running friend Riki is volunteering at " the head-office".

My "home-town": Meinohama fisherman's families are supporting 

left and right. Eji and Etsuko san ( "our" SUMIE maru) with their 

grandchildren  (left).

Oki Arrigatto! 

Marina Animal Clinic staff.

(Nori and Wakame's care-givers).

Yachting friend Mena (r) and neighbor.

Total Towel Service at the goal by Noriko.

Happy Times: 4 h 41 minutes.

( exactly the same score @ 2014 Ibusuki Marathon).

And 2 videos, of course taken with my GoPro.

They are good action cameras, but even so, 

with running there is some "shaking".

Dear Mr Google who works at YouTube was so kind to 

remove those last shakes.

This is part 1: from the start in Tenjin to about 17K

Part 2 is from 26K to the finish at Shima, Itoshima

The bit in the middle?....oops, flat camera battery...

All in All, an Amazing GOOD JOG.

Hope to run you next year.