Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

What a way to start the New Year's Day.
Waking up with some frost on the deck of Alishan....
But the sky is clear and promising.
Ready to go...of course 
with running shoes and
camera ....

there She is

Enjoying the First Sunshine of the Year.

Sumiyoshi temple, Meinohama.

Hello Fukuoka: Happy New Year.

Our neighbourhood Atagohama and 
in the haze...Nokonoshima.

Nori is enjoying the sunshine as well.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Day in Genoa

From Imperia to Genoa it's only  a 1-and-half hour train ride.
So no excuse not to go.
A more serious reason to visit this city is of course the fact that Christopher Columbus hales from this town.
But the main reason is: Spend some Good Times with friend Remo!
 The new owner of sailing yacht Jan Haring...
Sweet memories.

So Remo met us at Genoa Train Station 
and took care of us for the day.
The town has loads of beautiful stone buildings,
and/but the main is of course the connection with the sea.

This monument tells it All. 

Famous harbour corner stones..
from where many nautical exploring trips started.

Time for a Coffee Break....
And Off.... to more city sight seeing.

And this, as it's said.. 
was Little Christopher's home address.

Chris-kun's neighbourhood.

The people of Genoa know what is yummy.

Thank you Remo.
It was an awesome day.

Ciao for Now.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Shogun as seen from Below.....

60 feet, 60 ton.
A Lot of Boat.

Twin engines, twin rudders and extra external ballast.

Ciao for now.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Esther DID it !!

The other day we took Esther the Car 
for an other Spin around Kyushu.

First stop was at Bungo Mori Station.
Read more HERE.

A farrr farrr relative of Esther.

 And THEN.....

Esther did 100.000K !!
(she drove us 60.000K )

Cruising the roads in Oita Prefecture.


Thank you Esther for driving us along safely.


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sans Souci Encounters

Meet Sans Souci, 

Nordhavn 68.

First time we spotted her while out cruising with our 

sy Alishan in southern Japan, was in 2010 (BTW, both boats 

were built at the same yard in Taiwan!!) . 

Second time, June

 2015, was in Sanremo, Italy and 

third time a few weeks 

later, ring the bells, at Cap D'Ail, France.

When will be next time Ken?

See also:

See and read also:  SHOGUN SOJOURNS

Ciao for Now.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Diano Castello

An other exploring fun run around Imperia, Italy.
This time my "goal" was a small town, with a church of course, 
i had seen on a hill in the distance.

 ....see it there in the middle of this picture...?

Readable signs...
what a change from all direction boards in Japan.

Almost there.

Could use some TLC.
But the location and view is great.

  Tokyo, only 9400 Ks away.
That makes Fukuoka about 8000K.

Walking around at Diano Castello.
Read more HERE

An other shot of Diano Castello.

On returning to Imperia...Holy Olive Oil....
What's happening in town?

It's time for the yearly OLIVE OIL festival.!!
And yes, that's an olive bonsai.

For 3 days the town was full about olive oil and more... cheese....

...and sweets...

.. fun to watch: a mobile oh-no hamburger kitchen...

....and of course more cheese... 
..getting close to heaven now...??

Back on board at the Marina.
Dome City Imperia?

Ciao for Now.