Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring is Here.

Alishan on the Move went for a pleasant 
drive & hike including 
Ika Sashimi Lunch at Yobuko in Saga Ken.
On the return way, we stopped for a stroll
at the Karatsu Castle Gardens.

Can you hear them popping?

Quality time at  Nanatsugama Park  between Karatsu and Yobuko.
One of our favorite places to visit.
Great views over Genkai Sea and always a joy to watch those lava formations.

 We were joined by friends 
Harry, Dave and Liz.
Owners of sy RESOLUTION.
(at present moored in Fukuoka's Odo Yacht Harbor).

 Yobuko is well known for its fish.
Of course most famous is fresh squid served as  
Around town, all sorts of fish are dried and seasoned.

Yobuko, homeport for many fishermen.

A Smile from Sakura.