Friday, October 23, 2020

Remember September 2020

Well, indeed September 2020 will always remembered.
Not because of the Covid troubles but mainly for all the good moments we had.

See here a few and more.

All dressed and covered up for the Sunday Morning fish market.

Meanwhile, somewhere sometime some campertrip.
So cute in Saga Prefecture.

Oh oh oh, and when you are driving along nicely, you suddenly hit this view.......

Would you think driving a camper in Japan is stressful.....?
Need more proof?

Driving along and then suddenly ....
What a fun way to experience this part of the Japanese culture.

Last summer trip we ventured into Honshu.

Pretty things to see there as well, but better be early in the day as it can be crowded.
This is Motonosumi Inari Shrine.
And like most inari shrines: a wee bit too commercial.

Billie Bee Bus.
Our home on wheels.
In its first year, he drove us smooth and safe 10.000Ks
Looking forward to many more to come.

One trip we took Billie Bee Bus up the Nita Pass at Mt Unzen.
One of our favorite destinations in Kyushu: 
Happy camper, birdwatching and hiking paradise.
Bonus: GREAT views!!

Half way stop at the Izehaya Dam in Nagasaki.
Ignoring the mountain in the distant... you could imagine being in Holland.

Don't forget to add Takeo hot spring in Saga Prefecture to your camper trip.
First time we took a bath here was >30 years ago: memories forever.

One of our campers parked in good company.
True is true, those small ones are nice cars..... but horrible to sleep in.
Rental camper, way to go, explore, camp and ...sleep of course.
Pict. @felixcatmary

As it happens at Fukuoka Fismarket.
Some of our catch from the other day.
Took us 6 hours to land these .... took them 1 minute auction the lot.


Happy big fat old trees can often be found at temple grounds.
Boy, can you feel their power & hear their stories?

This is me and my Toyota Coaster Camper.
My humans drive me where i want to camp. 
Life is good.

It's always nice to meet a cousin. Here at the Kurume Camping car Show.
Toyota Coaster, way to camper.

Knock knock, who's there.. ?
Good morning, this is typhoon Haishen.

Advertised as a severe typhoon...
but more or less we were disappointed in its blow-power. 
Oh yeah it rained a lot and there was some wind, from the south..our least favorite directions in our harbor.
But touch-wood, we have had worse.

Care for something to eat & drink? Don't speak or read Japanese? NO worry.
Sadly these kind of displays are getting fewer and fewer..

Hitting autumn...
Billie Bee Bus took us to Mt Kuju for some bird watching and hiking.

And 0f course we went for a long soak in a hot spring.
Yeah, Early autumn colors are here !
Next time, join us.