Thursday, November 29, 2012

Red October

The trip to the US of PAE has delayed this posting.
Anyway, here it is.

As in so many places around the world, 
Autumn in Nippon is superb for Colors.

Of course you should see  
  Wings 'n Things.
where Marijke's pixs are showing her D90 Red.

But my small Coolpix scored some red as well.
One Sunday a Run was on the menu & the Trail would lead us 
into the Heart of Mt Kuju Land.
And yes, Noriko was dressed up in the appropriate color.
BTW...way down below in this picture you can see Mt Kuju's campsite, the only way to get there is to cross either mountain range, on foot!

And this is the Jewel of Kuju Land in Autumn.
Awesome neh.

As planned we met up with buddy runners at the top.
Great to share lunch, a yepper-the-yep,

....and a hug....

Then a few days later, with Marijke, we climbed the area near the Makoto Pass, also in Kuju Land.

The Lady with the Nikon in action.
It was a super day, for sure as it was the first time in many months that Marijke was able to do some hiking as her knees are getting better. what's red.....?

This beauty stands near Mt Raizan, just around the corner from Alishan. 

  .....And today......
It's late November.
Red aint no more.

That day we had a great Outdoor: Marijke chasing birds with her Nikon and the runners going around Mt Shooji. we went to a hot-spring for a good soak
and then for closing an other perfect day: 
A picnic a-la Nabe Style on TOP of Mt Ino.
Surprisingly it wasn't cold, as there was zero wind. 
 Together with the nice (warm) food and 
happy moments (sakeh flowed) we enjoyed
a great night-view over Fukuoka City.


Monday, November 26, 2012

a Trip to the US of PAE, part 3

Remember the Why of this trip to the US of PAE?
Right: Our Nordhavn Research.
And did we see a few!
Outside & Inside.

a 55

a 47

an other 55

a 62

 a 46

a 43

again 55...
And there was a 68, a 76 and three more 62's.
How many exterior-interior-miles did we do all together?

And what do you think Kazuya?

Nope, it's not a show-room at the Fort Lauderdale BoatShow...
Just an average engine room inside a Nordhavn.

Yep, i can see myself looking after one of these baby's.

 Men need beside Boats also 

Wow, do these portions come huge...
This small sateh-set was on the menu for 2 persons...
we couldn't finish it with the 4 of us!
btw Marleen....zie je de spruitjes ??

Ahhhh, a first for my Japanese friends: Baked artichoke. 

Shrimp ....and avocado guacamole... 
By the bucket!  

A Cinnamon Roll Noriko and i always talk about during our early AM runs....

Of course couldn't leave the States without having eaten a burger...
Here with a salmon filling...

Fresh notable Kumamoto Oysters...
Tasted as good as in Nippon.

Even a small size crab dish was huge....
and yummy. 

Now what's next?
Looks like we're heading for winter, temps are dropping by the day. Gales after gales are visiting us. The heater is out of the box, Nori and Wakame are living on our laps....
But after winter....
there should be spring!


Sunday, November 18, 2012

a Trip to the US of PAE, part 2

After 2 wet and windy Boat Show Days in Fort Lauderdale, we jumped into a car and drove down to Sunny Miami.
And sunny it was!
 Miss Sandy wasn't interested in these beaches anymore.
(btw, to the North you can still see her outer cloud cover area).

 Blue Sky and..

....Culture Shock.
It's all so different from what we're used to here in Nippon....

But, it's nice and relaxing at this chill-out bar-restaurant.

Driving unknown roads in this part of the world is a charm.
At least all the signs are clear and readable 
AND they use the right-side of the road.
Sadly the trip to Miami was the end of our Florida Research.. 

Our next stop in the US of PAE was....???

Yep, you are right.
 Seattle in autumn colors.
What a climate and attitude change.
Great and friendly airport officials...
But brrr, it was so cold after Florida.

No Joke: when we were flying out of Fort Lauderdale, we were pushed (more or less) into the airplane as it wanted to leave 10 minutes ahead of schedule ( they needed the plane later on for a last minute dash towards Sandy Country in the NE). Anyway, we did leave ahead of time, arrived 15 minutes early in Houston ( for our transfer).... taxied to the gate...AND.....then got stuck for 40 minutes! (as the gate couldn't reach the airplane) So we had to taxi again to an other gate got out of the plane 50 minutes behind schedule!!
Was Houston ever in charge of  flying people to the moon?

So Seattle...

Things to do while in Seattle...
Share a good meal of sushi's with Dave and Marcia.

First time we had met D & M was in Fukuoka (1989-90) when they had sailed to Japan on board their
sailing yacht Manana.
Next time we had met was in Malaysia (2008).
And now again, here, as they are temporary landlocked.

We were told that Seattle is famous for
 little sunshine and lots of rain.
Well for us the days were.... 
Mostly Sunshine!

Even had time for some touristic do-do's.

At the locks of Lake Union, Seattle.

.....and getting the feeling of walking at a
 Boat Show 50 years ago.

More to follow.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

a Trip to the US of PAE, part 1

You might remember that Alishan on the Move went to Taiwan, with a reason, last February. 
If not....  Read Here.

Now it was time to go and see some boats in use.
PAE is the company that designs and markets Nordhavns.
A lot of Nordhavns end up in the USA, 
Hence it is a good place to do more research...
(and/or even purchase a Nordi....)

But first some sour words.
Before one gets to the US of PAE...
one has to enter the US of A. say it gently...what a shock that was.
I'm talking about the people that work at the immigration, customs, airlines etc at LAX....
(Los Angales airport)
Don't know why, but they have zero-point-zero manners.
Okay-okay, i'm being spoiled living here in Japan...
but is their way "normal"??
Now i can truly understand 
why so many people try to sneak illegally into that country.
Just to avoid those arrogant, rude & grggrr.... civil servants.

But beside that LAX horror place, 
we had a good time, pictures will show.

First stop: Dana Point Marina. 
Home to the main office for PAE, 
the heart for all the Nordhavns.

Dana Point Marina,
a magic spot, as seen from a hill-top nearby.

After 2 days Southern California it was time to pack our bags again and head-off to Florida.
(shit...have to go through LAX again...)
Next goal: The Big Boat Show in Fort Lauderdale.
BTW we were not the only ones heading that way...
There was also a Miss WindyBag Sandy!!

The first day at the BS the weather was windy and by times wet indeed, but we enjoyed walking the jetties, looking at boats and dreaming.
There were some serious and big boats, as you can see always hungry for... 

Look at this: like airplanes, these boats need decent emergency exits... it just a toy for the spoiled?

Sandy made it too cold for an ice-cream...

Ha remember the Ohhh-No Onan trouble.....??
BTW we still !! have..
Parts aren't on the horizon yet. (4 months)
Here talking to an Onan dealer and they couldn't believe our story that it was taking so long.
Mind you, it's a far-from-their-bed-problem.

Of course a decent crowd showed up at the Nordhavn stand.
Not only for the boats...
Also for the PAE Friday Boat-Show Drinkies.
Time for us to do some "networking".
Even talked to people we had met last February in Taiwan!

These days staying in contact with 
Homeland Nippon using Japanese phones 
became so easy...
(It's not that long ago that Japanese phones couldn't be used
in other countries due to different systems).

But all this phone-work is also soooo time consuming
and always resulting in....being low on battery power....

More to follow.