Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trip to Taiwan

As you all know, we have "something" with Taiwan.
And when i talked to Mr Mitsuda about the Ta Shing boat yard in Tainan
(where our Alishan was built...), we got ourselves booked!  
Yep, Ta Shing got an other visit, mainly to "smell and taste" the 
Nordhavn motor trawlers they make these days.

This pix was taken from the (for us new) Taiwanese bullet train. 
Too bad the weather was very wettttt.
 But it's definite an other scenery from our Kyushu...
Here it ain't snowing...

In front of Ta Shing office.
 And yes that was probably the only sunshine we had during our trip.
No pictures were taken at the yard. If you want to see/read more about the Nordhavns, go to:

OF COURSE,  it was not only FRP & teak we could smell and taste... ....

We had enough time for some sight seeing as well....  This is a banyan tree growing on/over/in the walls of an old European trading house.
Hey hey, do we see somebody Nikoning again?

One night we took the opportunity to see a Chinese opera. Beside the ear piercing singing, they were performing some amazing acts. Well worth seeing it.

As mentioned before, plenty of rain.
 Here we are in front of THE museum in Taipei
Never mind it was our 3rd/4th visit. Still plenty of new things to see.

Luckily we had an early start. This is the crowd, still arriving, when we were done with the museum for this day.

Our Team: Mr and Mrs Mitsuda, Katsuya, Sakura and yourss.

After the museum, we made a dash for the "change of guards" show.
These guard men stand 99.9% motionless for 1 hour. 
Brrr, and it was a cold day, even for us from "the north".

Some lantern work at one of the major hotels.

 Sorry, some more food pixs: Crab curry...the best we have ever tasted.

Yes a good Taiwanese restaurant: Yummy Food and Lots of Noise.

And you can't avoid going to one of the temples....

  read more:  Lungshan Temple

That's what happens if you haven't booked a table.
Here we are, out on the street, ordering "yamcha" at one of Taipei's best restaurants.
By the time a table was available for us...the food was ready. 
Tell you... Yummy Cha. 
Worth the waiting.

On Sunday, we took the car for a spin to the east coast. 
Here the mountains are high and rain, rain, and more.

But it was fun to visit this touristy village. 
Together with half Taiwan, it seemed ( it was a long weekend).
read more: Chuifen

Do you see that camera...?

In this place (well know as it has been used for a movie City of Sadness) we had a tea ceremony. Yes , with Alishan tea !!

The last day:  You can't leave Taiwan without a proper foot massage....
Berry Good, but.... it hurts. 

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