Monday, January 15, 2018

Mt Raizan in the Snow January 2018

In mid January, 
we had two days of snowfall on the mountains of Fukuoka.
So we quickly grabbed our cameras, 
put on our hiking gear and set off to explore...
Ahum, it's not really exploring anymore as we know this place already so well...
....but the snow...... That's a Bonus.

These pictures tell the story.
Mt Raizan, the highest peak in this picture is our goal.
But first a pit-stop is at and around the famous

Sennyoji Temple.

Usually it takes me 2 hours to climb to the top of Mt Raizan.
The snow made it slow going:  2 hours and a half.

The scenery and atmosphere was awesome.
Lucky to have been able to start early AM, only a few other hikers had been there before.
Going down, the trail was already flattened by the many food-steps.


Saturday, January 13, 2018

With Wings 'n Things RVing around Kumamoto, Japan.

A really nice picture report by Marijke, about our 4 day trip around Kumamoto, Kyushu.  Click on the link:

Saturday, January 6, 2018

On the Move with RV Auckey Dokey in Kyushu.

The week between Xmas and New Year 
saw us cruising the roads in central Kyushu.

Yes, that's right: Countryside.

As part of exploring and promoting 
RVing in Japan.

And because we just like to be On the Move.
Be it with Alishan,
Esther or now with
 Auckey Dokey.

At 3seven77 in Yanagawa, Fukuoka.  
Indeed, we are ready for it.

First stop at Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto.
Top Spot. 
Clean toilets, hotspring and 
nice & cheap restaurants in walking distance.
Like so often in Japan: free parking 

Of course part of the trip was dedicated to birdwatching.
Luxury, it could be done form inside Auckey Dokey.

But we also saw other interesting sights:

This was at our second overnight stop.
Again, free of charge, clean toilets and yes !! in front of a hot-spring.

The only traffic trouble we had was a 15 minute delay due to mountain road construction work.

 We paid an other visit to Takachiho Shrine and of course...

 Takachiho Gorge.
Parking at the gorge is always a problem. 
For sure the size of Auckey Dokey didn't help,
so we parked at Takachiho Shrine and took a pleasant 
 20 minute walk to the gorge.

 3rd Overnight stop was just to the SE of Mt Aso.
Again, yes, free of charge, clean toilets, 
and next door to a hot-spring.

We had a ball of a time, for sure helped by 
**4 days of awesome weather,
**a marvelous RV supplied by 3seven77.
**It was definite off-season and hence very little traffic.
**This part of Kyushu is very isolated, super to explore.

** Great RVing conditions in general as only can be found in Japan.
Clean, safe & full of nature and culture.
We will be back.

Some numbers:
Auckey Dokey drove 450 Km, paid 4000 yen in total for Express Way use, and drank 8000 yen of diesel (included using the heater at night).

See a short YouTuby HERE.


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Nori our Cat says: Bring it on...Year of the Dog.

A very Happy New Year 

Picture Marijke.

Nori our Cat.
Going niau-niau strong, now 15 years old.
Bring it on...Year of the Dog.

As usual, the New Year got an On the Run start 
doing the 3 temples. 

See here some pictures.

Atago Jinja.
See that big dog there on the right...?
Oops, i was a bit late (7 AM) or the other people were early this year. 
Had to stand in line for 45 minutes.
But no problem, always somebody around to talk to.
hmmm, taking  those Japanese lessons might help indeed :-)

Sumiyoshi Jinja here in Meinohama.
Home of the 3 January Tamasesseri festival. 

See the white sheet behind the red fence...

 Coins and paper money casted there since midnight AM.
Donations for the jinja and....
for our own Good Luck of course.
Luff this.

And then jinji # 3
 Ododai Jinja.
Yearly tradition to meet-up with friend Kawaoka san.

Back at Meinohama Port.
Where our fishermen fly their boat flags proudly to celebrate the New Year.

And so does ALISHAN.