Friday, February 13, 2015

Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon 2015

11 January 2015 saw me for the 5th time at the start-line of the Ibusuki Nanohana Marathon. The week before i had come down with a nasty cold, but i was keen to "run" the event.
With the help from Marijke, running friends, supporters,
 broad beans and bb-soup, sashimi, the GoPro 
and perfect weather 
i made it to the finish line.

And who says running a marathon isn't fun...?

It took some time to edit and upload the video,
but here it is:


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

She is Frozen Again.

February is known as the coldest month in the year here in Fukuoka.
This winter was more or less correct 
and after a few days of grgrrsh..tgrr*&^ weather......

She Froze Up!

The Frozen Waterfall at the Mt Homan range in Fukuoka.

The hike to the top and the Frozen Waterfall
 is becoming a yearly Mr and Mrs Kohtake's event. 
Good fun and loads of laughter.
Definite an outing that makes us survive the wintery colds.

Thank you Hide-sama and Yumi.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Fu Kyo went for her yearly Haul-Out.

Fu Kyo had to go for her yearly Haul-Out.
Hmmm, January and February aren't known for their  
warm and sunny days for cleaning and painting.
But it's the slow season with bookings.

The trailer...It's so Huge.
We can haul out between 3 hours before and after high tide.
And only if there is no swell or not too much wind from the South.
Here too...the hauling out operation will guarantee to rise my blood pressure.

Ready to start the cleaning...
Where is every body?
So funny, with Alishan..
...we hire the people to clean and paint..
But with Fu Kyo...
I "like to" do it my self...
Silly, as she is so much bigger!

 High and Dry on her purpose built trailer.
Yes day 1 was a grey one.

 A few days later:
The cleaning below the waterline is done.
Let the Painting Fun begin.

And again a few days later:
Painting Done.

Hulls cleaning: Done.

The cans of paint that gave me fumes for smiling moments (hours).
(yap remember to use 5 cans next time).

Back in Meinohama Port
Happy and Ready to Sail You.


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Remember summer? It will come again!!

It's winter now:
Days of Sailing in Susnshine are few.

But to keep you warm and tuned:

a link to the Fukuoka Sunset Sailing videos 2014

click here:

Greetings from Hakata Wan.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Itoshima: Here we come...our yearly Kaki goya Run (2014)

December 23
is a national holiday in Japan.
That day is becoming our yearly 
Kaki goya Run Event.
(kaki=oyster, goya=hut, the place where you eat "bbq-ed" oysters.) 

As prep for the upcoming Xmas, 
End of the Year
and New Year Parties.
And of course as a SLD training for the 
Ibusuki Marathon in January.

Lucky us, as the weather was perfect that day.

Please click the video.

music: Rise & Fall by Steven Garcia @ Cafe del Mar.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

And so, the New Year has started with Happy Runs.

For Good Reasons, 
Japanese people try to visit 3 temples
 as soon as the New Year has started.
We decided to do it On-the-Run.

It's just after 5 AM, January 1st.
Our first temple is Kusuda Jinja.
This is the temple so important for Yamakasa.

The Temple Runners.

 It's not only Run and Pray.
Here we have a hot-bite in an umegai mochi.
The major temples (this is at Hakosaki) have loads of
food and drink stalls.
Yes, it's a big event this visit-3-temples-in-the-New-Year.

After our 3rd temple, it was a final 5 K stretch with horizontal snow....
brbrbr, but the hotspring is around the corner....

The next day....

Noriko and i decided to join Mr Sadaike for his amazing 
8888th run!
It's mind boggling how to keep track of so many runs.
And telling you, he runs at least 10K a day...
..that makes a total of at least twice around the world!

Congratulations Sadaike san.


Thursday, December 18, 2014