Friday, July 25, 2014

GoPro on Board

Of course it took a few weeks of
YES-NOing and
 Yen turning. 

But since 2 weeks a homeless GoPro 3+  ended up on board of Alishan...and by times on board of Fu Kyo.

See here the first attempt.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy moments on the road and up the hills

Indeed, indeed,
The Red Rocket was "on the out" again. 
This time with buddy paddler Akari san.
The course was set: we were gonna do a coastal circle in Itoshima, 
that favorite patch of country-site to the west of Fukuoka.

Red Rocket did a selfie.

We had often done this coastal road "on the run".
 To the top of the hill, where this picture was taken, breath-killer.
Be it on Asics or be it on the Red Rocket. 
But for sure, it took way less time when paddling.

And here is Akari, partner in push-bike adventures.
This picture was taken at Itoshima's one and only

A Picture Stop at an inshore bay almost at the far west-end of Itoshima. 
Total Ks for the day: 60+

Akari san posing on the Musical Bridge 
 somewhere far Fukuoka East Side.
Indeed, that was during an other paddle adventure, this time we went around the east shore of Hakata Bay and including going around Shika-noshima. 
Total Ks for the day: 70+

Two Fukuoka Skyline Marks:
Seahawk Hotel and Fukuoka Tower,
as seen through the windbreaker fence at Izaki Port.

Time for Hikies.
First my favorite Mt Ihara and Mt Raizan.
At the base of these mountains is...
Soon it will be rice planting season, 
so here are the babies in the nursery.

Wow, winter has Gone!
Hey Drew san, last time we were here we had 10 cm of snow!!
At the top of Mt Ihara.

But there are more places to be hiked in Kyushu.
This map shows Mt Kuju and his siblings.

One early Magic Monday Morning it was time for Mt Mimata.

This is her smoking neighbor....of course we don't like smokers, but it's good he's there because he supplies us with the hot water at the onsen afterwards....

...just look there...

....and there was zero wind...
and there were zillion twittering birds...

The only text possible.

Partner @ hikes and runs: Noriko san.


Monday, June 23, 2014

TBS comes on board of ALISHAN and FU KYO

TBS comes on board of Alishan and Fu Kyo 
to find out what is " Amazing in Japan "

That's easy...
No it's not...
There are so many amazing places, moments, events,....
...every day...
But what i really like is being on Hakata Bay,
to see Mt Raizan in the distance and then enjoy
the Sunset over Itoshima.



Tuesday, June 3, 2014

KLM has landed on board of Fu Kyo

We thought we would have a lazy Sunday Afternoon on Hakata Bay.

But what happens when you get a boatload of KLM crew on board?

Please enjoy the following YouTube:

Thanx for producing this video Koen Boterman,
you are welcome on board anytime!

Sail you Soon,

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Sunrise trip on Hakata Bay with Fu Kyo the Cat

Early one morning....

Yep, this must be Fukuoka.

The old fishing harbor at Nakahama. 
When we first came to Fukuoka in 1989, this harbor was by times loaded with fishing boats.
Where have they gone?

Thank You.

Bayside Place, from here ferries come and go to the other side of Hakata Bay, the off-shore islands and even all the way to Okinawa.

...just to the left of the tower, shows the mountain-range  of my favorite hike.
 Mt. Raizan to Mt. Iwahara.

Hakata Bay as Fu Kyo the Cat sees it.

for more, click here


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Nippon Maru in Hakata Bay

Nippon Maru at anchor in Hakata Bay.

Wow, what a lucky crew we had on board of Fu Kyo.

NIPPON MARU, Japan's proud square rigger, was at anchor 

and we were OF COURSE able to come 

really close for some amazing pictures.