Sunday, February 10, 2019

Spring is around the corner.

So far we have had a very mild winter.
At least here in Fukuoka.
For wintery and snow pictures you'll have to wait till March
 when we, yoho-yoho, will fly to the north of Japan to do some skiing and more.

Anyway, right now (early February) plum blossom is blooming
 and the prediction is that the Sakura will be 2 weeks early this year.

So no snow covered Raizan Beauty Queen this year...
for that you'll have to zoeff back to our last year's posting ;-)
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Boat Talk.
One wintery project we undertook:
Giving The Saloon Table some Legs.

How about the under-table locker..?
As we don't eat so much anymore, we don't need it for food-storage.

You're sure....?
Too late.

Almost done....
The Main Why: now we can stretch our legs while seated at the table. And yes, we do that a lot during the colder winter months.

Then came late January.
Marijke's birthday and " work-duty " were good reasons to take a camper trip.
With our favorite Oki-Dokey.

The night before Oki-Dokey and Alishan had a date...

We indeed had a wonderful trip, next posting will show you.
Spoiler: Somehow Oki-Dokey again and again 
drove us to sea-shores....don't know why.

Of course we didn't do any cooking.
Just testing and more testing of local food.
Amakusa " champon " here.

And a first for this trip: Nori joined us!!!
The first 75 K he was acting like a fire-engine on +++call, 
but later he settled in nicely.
Such a Globetrotter.

BTW, tablet, Nori and Marijke did the navigation for this trip.
Got lost only once....

In case you want to rent a camper:


Sunday, September 9, 2018

Pre-summer update 4, This and That.

This post has a collection of This and That Pictures.
Memory moments of Pre-summer 2018

Once a week I ride my bicycle along Muromi River.
Goal: Shikata Elementary School.
Always fun going there, always fun being there.
This year the kids i teach=entertain are 3rd and 4th graders.
Fun, fun and more fun and they call this work......

As seen from the classroom on the 3rd floor:
Kids playground (front)
Yap's playground (back).

A sight seeing trip with Karin and Leo, 
our dear friends from Hawaii.

The above are pix taken at Sakurai Jinja in Itoshima.
Want to go?

Next was a trip to O-ike and surrounding.
All part of Mt Kuju land in Oita prefecture.

Nice area for birding, hiking and/or 
a relax Stroll into the Green.

200 Yen help yourself hot spring in Oita.
Special experience, but sadly..the water was too hot for us during summer.!!

Exploring Kyushu.
Always flowers, flowers and more flowers to spot.

Next a never boring visit to Sennyoji temple at Mt Raizan.
A few months ago we were here when it had just snowed, 
see previous posting.

Nori-kun trying to pose like a kitten.
The boy turns 16 this autumn.

Bush strawberries, yummy.
Great finds when hiking around in spring.

We had motor vessel A 
(yes that's its name)
for a couple of weeks here in Hakata bay at anchor.
Good for many a discussion: What the heck is That?

Part of my J.O.B. life is crewing on board of fishing vessel SUMIE MARU.

 The catch of the day before landed well and alive at the fish market.
Always exciting...what will be the sales price.

Not all departures are accompanied with an awesome sunrise.
This morning start of our day at seas was delayed by 1 hour because of a tremendous downpour.

Will the rain stop soon...?
Moment to catch up on SNS. 

Our first typhoon of the year. Not too bad. As always, typhoons are A Lot of Stress and A Little Trouble.

Still don't believe in ghosts?

And then suddenly: Summer is here.
It all started with a huge firework display at Momochihama.