Sunday, November 5, 2023

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 31

Taking the ferry from Kyushu to Yokohama.
Delivering a campervan to meet the customer in Tokyo.

Bath Time on the ferry.
Try to beat that !!

Yappari Waterfalls.
It's HOT these August days.
An option to stay cool is to hang around
at one of the many waterfalls to be found in Kyushu.

Billie is slowly slowly making the clock go round.
Half of these Ks we have had the joy of driving this beauty.

Yappari Kuju Aso National Park. Spectacular scenery guaranteed.

Rare rainy and/or overcast days.

Parking area a Mt. Daisen, Tottori

Mt Daisen in Tottori has this awesome Post Hike Onsen.
Once you discover the beauty of an onsen, you'll understand why there is no shower in our campervans.

Some Summertime Snapshots

Office with a View.

Starry Nights. Best to experience in Kuju Aso National Park. And hey, in the summer, this is the place to be: So much cooler.

Expressway Rest Area. Not so romantic. But is might pay off. Ehhh ???? Yes, if you use the RA for an overnight stay, the expressway charge becomes less.
Not by much, but it does.

Yappari Bridges. They come in all sizes and makes.

Yappari near the Beach.

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 30


Yappari NO portable toilet. We are often asked: Is there a toilet in the campervan? This picture might explain some of the " Why Not ". Plus, in Japan, there is almost on every street corner a safe, clean and free public toilet. So, that's why there is no smelly box in the van.

Flashback. To our campervan days in our Estima. Seen here parked at our favorite place in the Mt. Aso region.
Mt.Takadake in the background

Summer. It looks like Tsuyu (rainy season) is over. Yeah. Can you smell and hear summer?

Somewhere in Oita.

Greetings from Kumamoto. While waiting inline to board the ferry to Osaka
where we'll meet our customers for a 1-way rental.

Somehow we have been part of it.

What's Red.
A special atmosphere at the temples during heavy rainfall.

There is bus at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Exploring Japan, a never ending story, part 29

So we took Billie Bee Bus for a spin around Honshu.

Our first stop was at Mt. Ibuki in Shiga Prefecture.

Famous higher altitude to observe eagles and flowers.

And for its carpark at the top being open 24 hours in the weekend during the month of August : Great for star-gazing and sunrise moments.

See here a small collage of my pictures.

And of course for way more cool pictures, 

please click on the link and zoeeff to Marijke's blog.

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Friday, August 11, 2023

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 28

Hiking my favorite trail at Mt Sensui.
Starting from Chojabaru.

Some This and That.

Yanagawa scenery.

Brooom, on our way Out of the City.
Kuju, here we come.

Go by Camper. Zoom-in an read what our customers think about exploring Japan with our campervan.

Hiking at the last days of the Pink Kuju Wave.

Yobuko. As soon as the sun comes out it's
" Squid Laundry Day "
in this charming fishing village.

Tunnels. Definitely you will encounter a few during your Kyushu Camper Trip. Bit boring of course, but they get you to the other side of the mountain fast.

3seven77. The company behind the campervans you like to rent.


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 27

Yappari the Smallest. But mighty camper REGISTRO. And yes, it really takes you to the sights.

What a Jewel. Just exploring Kyushu and then discovering this park.

Sunset at Nagasaki. Picture @ Marijke

Camper AUCKLAND. A little longer but a lot less high. Sleeps 5

See Nori the Travel Cat? 
He has seen it all: Everything between Osaka and Singapore !!
By boat and by bus. 
What an adventurous life.
RIP boy. 

Fukuoka Tower.

Pink. If your camper trip takes you to Aso-Kuju National park these weeks ......
make sure you go for a hike and enjoy Pink and Clouds.

Sightseeing in Yanagawa, 
home to Kyushu Rental Camper.

Just one of those hiking days in Kuju-land.
Always a success. 

It's all so Silent. That's Kyushu.

Kyushu. It's not the distance in between A & B that's the problem. It's the happy fact there is so much to see !

Yappari it's almost Summertime. Are you ready?

Content Customers Sister Marleen and hubby Loek from New Zealand. They totally agree with us: A campervan is The Way to explore Kyushu.

Tsuyu. Also know as Rainy Season. Kyushu will be effected by Tsuyu in June. You can count on some rainy days, so keep an umbrella handy. But you can also count on very few tourists,
hence you'll have Kyushu all for your self.

Izumo Taisha. Best to visit early-early in the morning. Magic. Beside a road trip in Kyushu, our recommendation is
Shimane and Yamaguchi Prefecture

Go Budget? Our smallest, but truly Going Places.

Ye, sometimes you'll hit a Narrow Road. Don't worry, just go slow.
And enjoy the scenery ;-)

Picture This. Our own Billie Bee Bus Camper plays a mirror trick.

Do you want to go hiking? Kyushu offers some great hiking options.
Let me know if you need info about How, What and Where.

Google Maps. Use the GM Satellite option to find parking-charms like this one. Including spick-and-span restrooms.

Yappari Expectation. Summer scenery.