Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smiles before the Flu

Last week the weather was Soso, see previous Blog.
Some snow, but not enough to have fun with it.
For sure it was Wet and Cold.
So, the day that Marijke had to go work at the elementary school, she got a ride from her private Taxi Yapie.

See here at the end of that day: ALL SMILES.
Not knowing that she had just picked up the Influenza A virus ....
that would put her in bed the next day + 5 days more.
Pfff, that anti-flu shot she had had a few months ago was probably not  strong enough.  (what is often the case here in Japan, as the medication is meant for Japanese...slightly smaller than Caucasians).

As of today, she is feeling much better, thanx...
and probably able to go Nikon-ing soon again.

Good Health.

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