Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another Round of Up and Down

Sunday morning. 
We had driven Esther the Car to the car park at Kirara hot spring.
 From there we took the local train for a short ride.

Buddy runners for many miles: Noriko and Ohara san at
the station's waiting room...All wooden and just like a living room.

Fukae Station. So near to Fukuoka, but so far from the Big City.

Just two stops later we arrived at our starting point of our trail run. 
Here we met up with Mr Sato and Mr Moriyama.

As you can see, weather conditions are great. 
 Zero wind and sunshine. Sea level temp: 6 C

Road-to-go also looking good....
Our first goal: Mt TONBO ( the summit in the distance).

Oops, that road didn't last for long....

View from the top, facing towards Karatsu Bay.

Facing North, that's where we came from.                                          Facing East, our next top: Mt Ukidake.

Arrival at the top of Mt Ukidake. The ground is frozen solid.

Ohara san is keen to get an early sun-tan this year....

In Japan No Mountain Top without a temple.

Mr Sato arrives at the top.                                                                             And Mr Moriyama.

Looking NE from Mt UKIDAKE.

Hard to see on the picture, but the thermometer told us : Zero!

Of course some chart reading has to be done.
We have a rule: taking the group onto a wrong path will cost you a round of ice cream or beer.
So nice for me as i still can't read any Kanji.....

The one and only water supply during this run. 
Great taste!

Mr Sato landmarks Mt NIJOUDAKE.

Mt MEDAKE and Mt UKIDAKE                                                            Mt UKIDAKE  and Mt TONBO

Down there is our goal.
 The Hot Spring
...and beer & somebody sent us 30 minutes in the wrong direction...

After a good soak in the bath...
time for some calories and more laughter.
Thank you all for the great day On the Move.

The course we took: good for 6 hours Fun:
 4x Up and Down and a total of 22 K.

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